Nice article overview of players eligible to return anytime off IR

Per the article, we only have five opportunities to use left….

So over the reminder of the season, and playoffs I think. We can only bring back another five

Save them for CJ and Houston and see what injuries come.
If we “need” Matt Nelson and Cabinda, we’re screwed.

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And one for possibly Daly if needed

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Im not holding my breath w houston.

Performance related or injury related? Or both?

Injury recovery time. And what he needs his body to do.

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That’s my concern. Sounds like he has a good shot of getting healthy enough to play come December, but his bend is the most important part of his game and his ankle may need time to gain back that flexibility.


They can start his 3 week practice window before making a decision on Houston. So I’d be sure he tests that ankle out fully before activating him or not

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He doesn’t need the bend to play the lockdown cover guy role for us.

And he excels as a coverage LB’er. I totally get why the staff doesn’t rush him.