Nice Rodrigo Article -


He’s an Indican! A buddy of mine growing up had native and hispanic parents and called himself an Indican, I’ve never heard it used anywhere else.

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Great story and thanks for posting. Nice to read about sunshine peeking through the rain clouds now and again.


By the way, he’s been ruled out for Sunday with a concussion.



Would not have been shocked. That’s how numb I’ve become.


Youre Funny Season 5 GIF by The Office

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“The numb on your young when you taste narcotics”!

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Arguably too soon (limited sample size) but I’d be good if the Lions took him off of all the special team’s units.

Typically what you do with your best players & Rodrigo certainly trending in that direction

Yea it’s like they want him to be treated like a rookie? Sorry but in his first game he played a better and more complete game than Anzalone ever has for us.

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Note that God took care not to burden Job with being a Lions fan. That would have been too much to bear…