Nike Limited Jerseys

Anyone have any sources on where to get NFL Limited jerseys? I’m a fan of having sitiched lettering over the heat sealed name and numbers. I’ve been trying to get a St Brown jersey for months, NFL Shop just restocked the heat sealed style, but nothing new in the Nike Limited stock… Any suggestions?

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Thailand, tell them the name you want, they’ll make you a St. Brown jersey for 5 bucks. And they’ll even tell you it’s a “limited edition for another 5 bucks” - Comes with a free massage.


Get a Fox one


Also, I wasn’t joking at all about that.

Check beneath the drawers first…

Everything I’ve seen on ebay is either fake or screen printed… There’s one on there for $250 that you can by on nfl shop. com for $130. I’ve bought a ton of knockoffs in the past, not really what I’m looking for. Thanks though

I wasn’t joking either!


Haha no need to check when you save $200 per jersey, the massage is another story altogether though. lol

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