NLF Live: NFC North

Don’t buy the hype and I don’t the head coach will allow them too.
They were surging at the end of the season 5-1 in the division think about that for a moment.
Offensively we know they can move the ball and score.
Their problem is defensively against the run, got a little better at the end of the season.
If they do that they can win the division.

How can they make a deeper run than last year.
Play defense, it was disgusting. Offensively highly powered but can’t stop the pass, can’t stop the run, can’t rush the passer. Lost Smith lost Kendricks. If they play a little bit of defense they have a chance.

Green Bay;
now led by Love, just one career start. HC on love he has matured, control he has on the field maximized his opportunities to learn under one of the greatest in the game. Not an easy spot to follow a guy like that but he has the tools.
What will offense look like under Love? 2 HOF QB’s have left, offense will change, drafted two TE’s play action run the ball that will help him. Whole division plays bad defense.

Fields entering his third season may have turned the cnr after week 7. QBR went from 27th to 4th in the league after game 7.
Fields: more comfortable with footwork knowing where guys are going to be.
So much too like what he did in the 2nd half how much confidence do you have he can do that this season. Analyst, can’t think of his name, not sure I’m buying into that , his success, a lot of it was running for his life. They have more weapons but you feel it could be a jalen hurts year for him if , IF they can protect him.
Times last year they refused to throw the football. Can’t do that again.

Herm Edwards, Field Yates and Ithink the other guy is Marcus Spears.

Well, there goes that chubby, shot to hell. :rofl:

Good post but too late for myself, I’m all in.

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We beat them twice after game 7.

QBR must have rushing figured in somehow as QB rating was 25th in the league. I think that history has shown us that a QB with regular planned runs is going to be less effective as a passer over time (from all the hits they are taking). While it looks good for fantasy owners, it doesn’t win games.

I think the odds of Fields being able to stay on the field and win the majority of his games is less than 50/50.