No 'clear answer' for how to really fix Lions' offense

TLDR: They have no idea how to fix any of the problems.

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Oh God, Cooter busted out the “get back to fundamentals” excuse… The ship is sinking my friends.

By “clear answer” they are saying there’s no single failure. There’s no “we’ve identified a couple areas to improve on”. Failures abound. No one player or position can be identified as the weakness. What is weak today may have been strong 2 weeks ago. The players are not executing and are making critical mistakes. There is no clear answer to that. They do have to get back to the fundamentals, work on their craft and execute as they’ve been trained.

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I see a team that’s packed it in already. Which is extremely surprising since they never once did that under Caldwell.

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Personally I think they must be having trouble putting in the new running and blocking schemes. That is the only thing that changed. It puts Matt under center more. They are just not in sync and that is why you are seeing the blocking assignment breakdowns, the holds and false starts. Plays that just look awkward right from the snap. Even though Cooter is still OC they hired a new o-line coach and brought in someone to design the run game. It is just not working well yet. I don’t know if that is why Staffords mechanics are worse this year or if his new QB coach is just not as good as the prior regime in working with him. Whatever it is they need to figure it out.


That just about sums it up. There’s a domino effect that’s a several pieces long.

Pretty much same as always with the Lions O. I wouldn’t say it’s all Cooter’s fault, but when the offense sucks then usually the OC gets fired. When you are facing a very good defense then you gotta be able to do things differently, you have to find things that work. I can’t say whether Cooter did that against both Seattle and Minny, it couldve been more execution than game planning and play calling. Nothing will work right if the players eff it up, but OTOH if you’re trying to do stupid stuff then that won’t work even if the players do it right.

A right guard, and a season of experience playing together. Preferably a top F/A.
An experienced, proven OC would be nice, too.
Love Jim Bob, but, he needs time to digest what he has learned over the last few years. I believe he will be one of the greats…in 5 years or so

We must sharpen our shovels and lower our pad level.

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