No contract for Kenny Golladay?

I am a little shocked that we are 4 weeks in and there’s been no new contract for KG. 6 weeks ago it was reported that they were closing in on a new contract but then silence. What gives?.. this can’t be a good sign.

Suddenly I have a bunch of questions.

Is KG holding out to see if Stafford is back in 2021?
Is KG holding out to see if MP returns?
Is KG hoping to test FA?
Is KG’s asking price too high?
Did MO piss off another player?
Will Bob Q. Trade KG for peanuts mid season?
Will the Lions be forced to tag him?
Should they tag him?

Do you think this contract extension will get done or will BQ fail to resign another one of his better draft picks?

I was looking and found an article from two weeks ago that I had missed. It had a quote in it from KG about his contract talks. Here’s the article and what KG said.

“I’m gonna let those guys, the organization and my agent, handle it,’ Golladay said. “If these guys want me here, then I’m pretty sure they’ll figure out a way to keep me here.

“Everything will pretty much work itself out,” Golladay said. “Talk to my family, talk to my agent and we’ll figure out what’s the best situation for me. “

This sounds like it’s slowed due to money to me?

Your thoughts?

If I’m Kenny and I only have 12 games of risk left I wait it out

I would think that if BQ is a dead man walking we are looking at Golloday getting franchised tagged and the new GM will attempt to hammer out a new deal over the off season.

If we don’t franchise tag Kenny then it should be used on Jack Fox!!!


If I’m kenny i wouldn’t sign with us.

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He gone!!!

Expect him to be traded. Guaransheed!


I’m going to be an optimist and hope this means BQ has had his ability to make any long-term moves frozen by ownership.


I don’t see Golladay being extended right now. The team is in turmoil and besides, Golladay has 2 good season. I would have the owner put the breaks on the regime from signing anybody else and take a wait and see approach

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One can only hope. If that’s the case though just fire the guy. I hope KG is re-signed.

We talked about this at the time, you were reading a lot into comments that were pretty open ended… Contract talks were cold then as they are now. If it were me, I’d franchise him next year and evaluate in 2022 if I want to sign a 29 year old big WR that’s had hammy issues the last 2 years.

The only problem with that is what if he finishes this year strong and has a monster season the following year. Do we franchise him again at a huge number? Let him walk after big seasons? Kinda feels like we’re saying we’re done with him in two years.

There have been a few reports saying his asking price is about 18-19 mil per year.

Take that with a grain of salt, because there is obviously no way to prove, or disprove that number.

IF that is the number, it simply doesn’t make sense for a losing team in turmoil to have a slightly above average, hamstring hampered, 19 million dollar receiver … just to go 3-12.

It’s about the guaranteed money to me. If we can get him on any kind of long term contract at 18 to 19 per year with less than $50 mil guaranteed I’d do it. He’d be a young QB’s best friend.


So where is the money going to go?

I don’t understand the fear in paying Kenny.

If we suck so what at least he’s entertaining and he’s wide receiver who can bailout a quarterback young or old.

You guys are weird about not spending the Fords money

I’d rather pay Kenny and watch him put up highlights on a bad team than have a bad team and look at the available cap space isn’t going to be used.

There is no point in cap space if you can’t sign the players you drafted that perform

That’s not a problem, if he performs like a top receiver then he gets paid like one… If he gets hurt or starts breaking down as big receivers tend to do after 30, we’re not saddled with a 5 year deal… Remember CJ???

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I’d rather draft a receiver every year and pay them dick… remember, he’s a 3rd rounder.


If he has two big years what will he be asking for per year then? Especially coming off the tag. And we’re gonna wait another year to lock him up but you don’t want to get saddled with the bad years? That’s why you do it now. Give him $50 mil guaranteed on a five or six year deal at 19 per and it’s essentially a two year deal with team opt outs after that. If he performs he continues to get paid as a top receiver if not it’s easy to cut bait with minimal damage after only a couple years.

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There is no such thing as a real 5 year deal for a non quarterback today

Calvin’s deal was an extension off the old rookie scale, it’s not comparable to a contract signed today.

Any deal Kenny signs will essentially be a 3 year deal and he can be moved on from after year 3.

Go look every big deal that signed by a non quarterback and that’s how it was structured.

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Bro not all 3rd round receiver’s make it. Even fewer are KG.

This is actually one area (probably the only area) where I’m on the same page with goldenlions. It might be cathartic to fire them both immediately, but you don’t really gain anything. (Maybe the owner gains some credibility with fans.) If anything, I’d rather force MP to play out this season, make him show up every day to a team that’s tuned him out, go through the motions of pretending anyone cares what he has to say, trot him out there to face the press loss after loss after loss to field questions he can’t answer and look like even more of a tool. THAT’S catharsis.

In all seriousness, I don’t care at this point when they get fired. I just want the team to lose every remaining game to improve draft position for the next regime, maybe have an actual shot at the next franchise QB.

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