NO Defense

This game against the Vikes can be summed up in 2 words: NO Defense. When you give up 42 on your field, over 500 yards total offense and 166 yards on the ground, you’re gonna lose and frankly should lose. Yeah, the Lions lost some key players and they’re trying to make do with a couple of PS players on the DL, but I don’t know if Hand and Daniels and Bryant will make any difference when you only rush 3. We can bitch about a few calls that coulda gone the other way, but bottom line is the Lions were outplayed.


I agree, their Defense today was very offensive.

Question, where is the biggest need on defense, the line? The Linebackers? Play calling?
My opinion, D-Line, no pass rush and unable to stop the run. Has age caught up to Snacks & Daniels?

But we got Flowers. Going to go down as one of the worse signings ever. He didn’t do shit again.

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Its amazing to me people shit on Ziggy being hurt yet were happy about signing Daniels.

Foot injuries are why he got cut and foot injuries are why he’s hurt now.

Snacks turns 31 in a month. He totally transformed our defense last year but counting on that level of production at his age is asking for trouble.

Newsflash. Our defense was hot stinky garbage before today. They just got further exposed. At home. To a division team.

We were ranked like 28th vs the run and 29th vs the pass before today. That didnt improve. Thanks to rocket science, we suck again!

The forced fumbles detracted people from just how bad the defense has been.

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Exactly. You cannot count on turnover margin. We treaded water by them. When they dried up, we got dominated by a flawed QB.

It just seems the Lions are getting beat on both sides of the ball at the line of scrimmage. The run blocking and pass protections sucks. I don’t know if it is the Oline/TEs or coaching. Something has to change.

The Dline gets pushed back way too often. A lot of missed tackles today. Defense is getting gassed every freakn game. I want to see an attacking defense but I think we don’t have the right personnel to do it?

Does anyone feel confident that the defense is going to get a 3 and out or a turnover? You shouldn’t have to hope/say a prayer every time they are on the field.

I am going to be honest, I came in here expecting to read about how the New Orleans defense is handling the Bears, currently. It would have been a much more pleasant thread to read.

Slay, Harrison, Davis went out. (Daniels, Hand, Bryant didn’t even suit up).
KJ went out, and that was brutal.

We got beaten by a team that outplayed us, for the first time this season. Tough home loss.

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The problem we have is the really long and sustained drives by the opponent. We are terrible on 3rd downs and just can’t get off the field. It’s demoralizing and exhausting for the defense so keep letting teams kill us slowly.

I don’t have the answer but can we please start blitzing for crying out loud??? I know MP is a genius but something clearly isn’t working.

Wise is right on the $ here. The offense did their job today. The defense didn’t. Giving up 42 points to a division rival at home is unacceptable. The Vikes put it to us today. Period. Coaching had little to do with the Vikes shoving the ball down our throats.

I understand that the Lions players were flat after the heartbreak last week. But they were flat and they got their asses kicked today because of that. The run defense isn’t working. These coaches have to figure out what is wrong and figure it out fast.

I think what’s clear is that Patricia is not a genius.

The only thing that looks good on this team right now is the passing game, and that has nothing to do with Patricia.