No Excuses for Aaron Glenn

almost like a cover 2. wait until the offense makes a mistake. or at least hope they do.

I’m normally a positive half cup full person, but not sure I can be there when it comes to Glenn anymore.


Lions defense, as a team:

Allowing a 66.1 QB completion rate
Has 1 int
Has 1 sack
Allowed 4 TD’s
-5 in points for/points against differential

For the most part I agree. I do think he may be a really good teacher as I do think we see defenders and the defense get better throughout the year.

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That play where he was basically square dancing with Charles Harris was truly pathetic. Nice play AG.

And on that sack, I think 31 out of 32 QBs dont make the mistake of holding onto that ball. Even high schoolers know to throw that away.

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The Lions defense has given up about 21 points per game their last 12 games.

That would have been around 11-13 in the NFL last year.

Yesterday sucked but unless they keep getting lit up like a Christmas tree I think its reactionary as hell to pack up Glenn.

And if you want hold Glenn’s entire tenure against him and not the most recent performance then the entire coaching staff should be fired except Ben Johnson.

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You do know there was a “how many games do we give Glenn” thread before week 1, right? Every poor defensive showing is a trigger at this point. As much slack as I’ve given him/them, I’m actually quite frightened by their lack of identity on defense.

Geno Smith vs AG’s defense the past 2 years.
55 of 71 - 648 yards passing. 4 TD’s, 0 ints - QB rating 120

10 carries for 69 yards and a 1 TD

0 turnovers. Sacked once total in 2 games.

lol. that made me laugh out loud

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I made that thread and yesterday is exactly why. They let a mid-range QB do practically whatever he wanted. It was an embarrassing effort in every area of Glenn’s defense. He even had the formula to beat them from the Rams last week and he refused to do what they did. It was absurd.

No excuses. He has the talent now. He just can’t get them in the right place and it could cost them the playoffs.


If Geno signs with Bears or Vikings in the next year or two… Lions are fooked!!!

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What a wasted opportunity for Aaron Glenn. Took what worked last year and totally scraped it.

We could of had Hutchinson and Houston on the edges providing juice to our pass rush instead he turns Houston into a coverage player and stops using Hutchinson as a stand up rusher.

Harris and Houston are not slb’s, they are d-linemen. Using them as such is like playing 10 defensive players.

Jerry Jacobs was being abused the whole game and at no point was there any adjustments.

After having a historically bad defense the first half of last season Dan Campbell said he would be more involved in the defense. It appears he has given Aaron Glenn full reigns again.

You know what, Geno would be great on the vikings. Trade cousins to the jets and boom.

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