No Executive accountability

It’s not fair for Patricia - who’s obviously in over his head…to have to spew his predictable b.s., every week (I commend him for even trying, though…)

Reportedly, Rod Wood refused post-game comment, when asked.

Quinn - just like Mayhew…hides from the Press and (consequently) the fans…

And Martha hasn’t said anything since she fired Mayhew.

…And guess what?:
60,000 fans will fill Ford Field this Thursday.

No accountability.
Just rake in the cash.


It’s a joke. Detroit sports in whole is a joke. Owners collect their money and run.

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Broke you mean it’s always been broken…lol

Why would they fix it? There is no accountability or expectations anywhere in this organization.


How many GMs address the media after games? I’m confused by that part.

I have never ever seen a GM address the media either after the game.

Who the fuck said anything about a GM talking after a game??

Is Rod Wood the fucking GM?


Ok. How many presidents address the media after the game?

You did

What would you want Wood to say?
Yup, I had nothing to do with the game plan or constructing this roster, but we lost…

So you are mad at us because you don’t know what the hell it is you typed? LOL

I believe BQ only talks to the media maybe once throughout the season. Before the season starts, in the middle, and after the season.

Wood only does the business side.

You will probably only see Martha address the media once throughout the year.

I stopped watching after the GB farce. Great choice. Beautiful sunny morning today. Had a great day outside with disc golf and raking leaves.


I’m totally jealous.

No - because - just like in the 24/7Sports Page, assholes are always trying to be the gotdamn post police.

“Quinn Hiding from the press” does not entail Rod Wood walking away from a question.

I have never ever seen a GM address the media either after the game

Jerry Jones??

So 1 out of 32 GMs address the media.
Does he do it after every single game?
And he only does it because he is the owner and a media whore.
Guess it is standard practice around the league then.

Remember when Rod Wood was hired and said he wouldn’t be qualified to be vice president of any other NFL team except the Lions?

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Does anyone really think the Fords are going to luck into hiring the right people at this point? It’s the same shit with every regime they hire. Until the Fords sell the team this franchise is never going to have a shot at a winner. I just can’t emotionally invest in this team no more, there is no hope. This garbage won’t even be on my tv this Tday.