No, it does matter that the Lions looked terrible last night

Really not having anybody telling me last night doesn’t matter, because Game 1 of the preseason, starters didn’t play, etc.

  1. New England wasn’t playing their starters, either. So I guess we exposed how shitty our depth is.

  2. A lot of offensive line starters were playing, and the O-line looked abysmal. Turns out when you have a revolving door of players who don’t know who they’re going to be playing next to from snap to snap, your offensive line looks like it’s in disarray and is ineffective. Who could have foreseen this??

Quinn has made investing in the o-line his primary focus since he’s been here. He’s expended a lot, in draft capital and free agency toward it. If it’s ineffective again, I’d call that a fire-able offense.

What’s really discouraging about potentially having an O-line that can’t protect the quarterback – again – is knowing how much Stafford regresses when he’s constantly being hit-sacked-pressured. Either this gets fixed – fast – or expect about the same performance from Stafford that you got last season.

  1. This is almost exactly how the preseason started last year. With the team not only looking bad, but looking lost. And that’s on coaching.
    And yet, we heard a bunch of people say it didn’t matter. Then they kept looking bad in the preseason. Didn’t matter. Then they got punked on Monday night, at home, by a bad Jets team and a QB in his first NFL start. Did that matter?

Tom Savage will spend the season praying for Stafford’s health. Guaranteed!
Eternal sap that I am, I actually thought we had a shot at the Division yesterday afternoon.
Pretty sure we’ll be picking 1st in next year’s draft, at this point. Probably a QB. If Stafford gets savaged all season, yet again, he should demand a trade. There’s no excuse!

Oh, it definitely matters. W-L doesn’t, but looking like hot garbage sure does.

We open away at Arizona, then home for the Chargers, at Philly, home to KC then the bye.

If we drop that Arizona game, we’re a damn near lock to be 0-4 i headed into the bye. I think we may see the tail lights of Patricia’ scooter if that happens.

Always funny reading these forums before and after a pre season game. Everyone talks about how much pre season games don’t matter before hand yet when they finish are ready to either drop a truck load of money on a super bowl bet, or they are immediately placed on suicide watch. It’s pre season which is the most vanilla of the vanilla. If we start out flat in the regular season then by all means start the doom and gloom. But I tell myself every year I’m not going to read into the pre season at all. Watching last night I didn’t get upset at all because I kept reminding myself over and over again that we’re not running anything of note, most of these guys won’t be out there any significant amount of time during the season, and when they are it won’t be at the same time. But by all means if you want to give yourself a stroke, or a coronary then continue getting yourself worked up over a meaningless pre season game.

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That’s true…to a point. But when you come out looking just woefully unprepared, it doesn’t bode well.

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Were we really that unprepared? Or do our backup tackles just really, really suck? I didn’t watch the whole game, but of what I did see, all the pressures came off the edge. And we already knew Fales was supposed to be a camp body- combine crappy protection with a clearly inferior 3rd string QB and throw in a dash of completely vanilla offensive gameplan, and this is what you get.

On defense, we were likely vanilla as well and playing 3rd and 4th stringers most of the night. Plus, it’s not like the offense was doing them any favors.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But I think if we had slightly more competent backup tackles and a semi-decent 3rd string QB, we would have looked okay.

They played their backup edge rushers too, so generally, absent mental gaffes, blown assignments, bad fits, you don’t have people running for their lives and being outgained 5-1 on offense if it’s just a talent deficiency

If you’re just getting beaten on talent, you kinda come close and have some victories. It takes a confluence of awful to get shellacked that badly.

True enough, though their backup edge rushers are people like Jaime Collins and Chase Winovich, so it’s not like they are nobodies. More importantly, I didn’t see a lot of the procedural issues we saw last year at this time.

Limited penalties, and most of those were things like offensive holding (backup O-line again). Were there any pre-snap penalties? Or 12 men on the field (or 10)? Or illegal formations, etc? I don’t recall seeing any. Were there any times when we called time out when we really shouldn’t have needed to? All those are indications of preparedness. Last year we saw issues. Yesterday, not so much. Our depth just got outplayed by their depth, mainly because we have really bad backup tackles apparently, and our D-line depth is hurt because all of our starters aren’t playing right now.

How about it not mattering because it was just a scrimmage with lights and uniforms and has no effect on the standings for either playoffs or draft picks?

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Who won their individual matchups last night?

Killebrew, I suppose. I saw no pass rush, at all, all night.

The DBs had some moments, but then they also gave up big plays, almost to a man.

When you have had a system in place for 20 years (like the patriots), half of the current roster has 3, 4, 5 years experience in the system, and becomes a coach on the field to assist the new guys coming along. When you have a brand new OC, veterans are learning right along with the rooks. That matters, especially early in the year (like the first every pre-season game in that offense).

There are many other factors, and I am not at all happy with this sort of loss, but it’s not going to cause me any lack of sleep.

I figure our DL will win plenty of games for us by themselves. I also expect some early frustration with learning the new offense.

Additionally, there are 90 guys out there, and only 53 will be on the roster. That means almost everyone you saw playing last night is not even going to be on the team. Literally 3/4 of them will be cut.

Wait until Flowers, Daniels, Harrison, Hand, Bryant, and Robinson are all available.

"That effort started with signing defensive end Trey Flowers, a member of last season’s Super Bowl champion Patriots, to a massive five-year, $90 million pact in free agency.

“His work ethic and the way he goes about his business is kind of infectious,” Quinn said. “From the minute we signed him and talked to him, he knows other guys are going to look at him and how he goes about his business. He’s a great example for guys.”

Really, where is he then? What kind of work out is he doing? Is he running the hill like everyone else?

Patricia should have brought out the old John McKay line in the post game presser…

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“Preseason” as a whole matters to a small degree. Preseason Game 1 by itself doesn’t matter.

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The game was certainly ugly.

While I am not on suicide watch, but I do believe you see things in the pre-season games. I know there isn’t any scheming, but we were dominated and that causes me some concern.

But I saw a few positive plays that make me think that our rookie rb could contribute. But it was a play here or play there.

So we have disappointment this week and hope for cleaner play next.

It’s very possible that Patricia just isn’t a good coach and Quinn is a meh GM

Just got to watch the whole game, and frankly I’m not worried. If anything, I am actually a little encouraged.

Here’s what I saw- backup tackles can’t stop speed rushers without help. 3rd QB holds the ball too long and has a weak arm. Mike Ford still has no idea how to play CB. And #70, whoever he is, needs about 3 years in the weight room before he should be allowed back on the D Line. 3rd string WRs can’t catch. None of these thing s are surprising.

On the bright side, the little of the power rushing game we saw looked fine. TEs actually ran routes that made sense. Savage did fine while he was in. Killebrew can play well in the box. And there weren’t any procedural type mistakes until the very end with the false starts. I think we were better prepared than we were last year at this time. Not worried at all.


That’s what they said about Belichick in Cleveland. With a helping of “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out”…

Love this line from Wojo (Detnews, preseason loss blah blah blah),
“If you can dig up anything positive, you clearly were over-served.”