No More Excuses For Glenn

I love that we have gone out and retained a few key defenders in Buggs, Anzalone, and Cominsky and signed two legitimate starting options at CB. Obviously we are still not done yet, but it is setting up like Glenn will have enough talent to field a top 15 defense in 2023. I have been in Glenn’s corner, but its time to show the results.


AG just needs to field an average defense next year, assuming the offense doesn’t take a step backwards.


Bring back Elliot and Woods and draft 2 new DT’s and call it good. (Though I wouldn’t mind seeing them add Jack Campbell, too.)

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Still need lb and dt


Plus we are gonna add more talent in the draft. Defensive roster looking a lot better.

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I’d be surprised if the opening day starting LB’ers are not currently on the roster (barring injury). I think we need to add a veteran safety to the mix. I would also love to add a veteran DT like Shelby Harris as well. In the draft I think we need a CB (sometime on the first two days), a DT (Benton or Adebawore would be perfect on day 2), and a LB’er (day 2/3).

If we get rid of Harris or Okwara I would add another edge rusher for depth (Justin Houston would be a perfect addition).

Most of those additions would not crack the starting 11.

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according to this thread I missed the draft and the whole offseason. who did we get? do i like them? what are the draft picks? much did we dabble in free agency? what grade you guys give the draft?..who did we lose? I mean "no more excuses for Glenn " must mean we had one hell of a draft . defense fixed.


We re-signed a few of our key pieces from last season where he finished the last half of the season as a top 10 defense. We also added two viable options at CB. Clearly there will be several moves that we will be making as well. Just in the way we finished last year, the expected progression of our 1st and 2nd year players, and the return/additions we made, this defense is talented enough to finish top 15. If it doesn’t that clearly falls on Glenn, IMO (barring catastrophic injuries).

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If we sign either wagner or david. Holmes maybe a god


I don’t like this take.

I will concede that the defense played very well down the stretch but they still started the season with these guys and were terrible.

I think as is we are looking at a 15-20th ranked unit which will help us win more games but it isn’t like we just added key play makers at every level here.

We still have some holes at DT and LBer. Our rush still disappears for long stretches and we still have a prove it situation for all corners not named Sutton.

I expect the defense to be better and Glenn’s expectations should certainly be higher but I think we are mischaracterizing the group we’ve added a bit.

That all sounds like I’m not excited, I certainly am.

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How complete of a defense do we need for it to be ranked in the top 15 in the entire NFL. If Glenn is as good a coach as people say he is, he should be able to elevate the talent on the field. He did that in year 1, and he did that in the 2nd half of last year.

If guys like Kerby, Okudah, Rodriguez, Houston, McNeil, and Hutch take the steps forward that most 1st/2nd year players take, on top of these additions, why should they not be a top 15 defense?

Now if injuries start piling up I’d understand, but by training camp we will have enough talent on defense to field a pretty good unit.

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That’s the question, I believe the offense may do just that, Jamo isn’t close to being ready, and Goff will take time with new WR. I got a feeling the D will take steps forward and the offense may move backwards if we lose Chark and Williams. Chark and Goff Connection was a big part of that end of the season run.