No New Head Coaches Announced Yet

Kinda surprising no new head coaches have been hired yet. Usually by the AFC and NFC Championship games some new hires have been announced. I think 5 teams have openings. Gotta be waiting on Sean Payton’s decision right!?

Which is complicated by the absolute fortune the Saints are asking for in return. I think he’s back on TV next season.


What are they rumored to be asking for!?

Multiple day 1 and 2 picks.

Yeah that’s a lot for a coach. And Payton’s deal with the Saints doesn’t expire until after 2024, so he has 2 more years before being a free agent coach per say.

It looks like last year at this date noone was hired yet. The first hires were a few days from now.


Interesting, I’d imagine a lot of teams want to interview DeMeco Ryans before making a decision and he’s still coaching.

The NFL has thrown in a few road blocks to help slow down the hiring process from what it used to be. I think it has helped.

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They were talking about this the other day on one of the morning football shows. Apparently now, the NFL has a bunch of “inclusive hiring training” courses that ownership and front office people have to take before hiring a head coach. That can lead to some delays (one of the Panthers owners wasn’t in compliance for example) along with more thorough searches before hiring the coach. I also think some of the names being thrown out like Payton, can take their time and truly evaluate what they want to do… Some teams may be waiting on the hot names. Plus, some of these teams play Sunday night, they don’t get home until early Monday, then have to turn around and play again in 5 days… That doesn’t leave much time for a candidate to prepare for the next opponent let alone an interview.

Is there bad blood between the Saints and Payton? I know they hired his D-Coordinator after he left so he might not want to ruffle feathers by coming back, just curious if there is more to it.

I don’t believe so, they’ve granted permission to every team that’s requested it. Do they stand to get compensation if he’s hired by another team?

EDIT: Just saw Rapoport reported that the Saints want a 1st rounder “and more” to acquire Sean Payton


And if I’m Payton that would frustrate me because he’d joining a new team that won’t have a 1st round pick and probably lose more draft capital. Hard to rebuild a new team lacking picks. He might be better off to stay in the TV booth until his deal with the Saints runs out. Although I’m sure if someone starts throwing massive money at him, he might not care too much about the lack of draft picks.

I was thinking about Denver as a landing spot, but they don’t even have 1st round picks, they used them to get Wilson. Oops my bad, yes they do. They got a first rounder for trading Chubb.


It’s amazing what coaching the Niners defense can do for your career. I’m guessing that AG would be a head coach by now if he had the chance…

And the guy that deserves a lot of credit in San Fran is former Lions D-line coach Kris Kocurek…that dude has a top 10 D-line almost every single year.


They can’t interview from the playoff teams, yet.
You’d have to assume they would be the frontrunners?

I’m guessing next off season Wes Phillips, Bobby Slowick, and of course Ben Johnson will be names to watch next offseason

I’d like to see a list of all the coaches who have been or are being displaced this year. (position coaches in particular)

I saw a number somewhere, not sure if it’s true or not, Payton is looking for north of $20 million/year. If he can get it, more power to him. No need to give up the comfy desk job unless they throw that kind of money at you.

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For sure, if we have QB’s making 40+ Million. Why the heck shouldn’t a head coach make huge money. They are so critical to team success. Plus there is no salary cap for coaches, I’m actually surprised they don’t make more than they do.


Also Bengals DC

its actually insane how Lou hasnt had HC noise yet, considering how insane that Defensive Unit has been

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