No offensive identity

There was a time when we knew what we had with stafford and how we were built as an offense. Those days are long gone.

Hoping it’s now painfully obvious to Quinn and Patricia that we need a completely new direction on offense.

And We Should expect nothing less than a 1 year turnaround. It’s been done by plenty of smart, creative coaches and there should be no excuse over personnel. The rams and bears are 2 recent teams that went from bad offenses to great offenses by simply installing a new scheme. I stand by the fact that the bears are working miracles with mediocre offensive talent.

At least we can now acknowledge that this year this over and the search for a new offensive identity can begin.

Player wise, we need a RG, slot WR, and a TE. That’s it. The rest of the pieces are there already.

Agreed. This team was a thousand times more enjoyable with Schwartz. They were reckless but fun. And they went to the playoffs and if not for a freaking robbery, would have hosted the Packers the following week (I think …).

They’ve destroyed Stafford, ruined their defense, and are mess of mediocrity.

It is my thought that Stafford - whether he knows or not…misses Jim Caldwell - and the shorter, more disciplined leash he had on him.

His turnovers, sacks, and INTs have increased, exponentially under this current staff.

The issue is, our pass first, pass only offensive identity led us to nothing but failures. So this year we try to focus on the run game. Now all of a sudden, our franchise QB cant function with an improved offensive line and a true RB.

I know stafford has had his issues but a lot of blame must go on the scheme and playcalling.

Literally every other team has WR running wide open while we struggle to get any separation.

How many games did we have to wait for Kerryon to get his carries?

I agree. Thats on coaching. So is the fact that teams learn and jump our playcalls, and so is the fact its apparently a law that every first down must be a run. I think Cooter is done, and I think Stafford knows it too. Davidson has done wonders for the offensive line, which basically took them from worst in the league to middle-ish. Not spectacular, but the Lions did rip off a good running day on the best run defense in the league.

My question is always the same. Why did we have to wait 2 full quarters and one series before we decide to change things up?

As for the turnovers, Id disagree. Stafford was a turnover machine last year. It wasnt picks, it was fumbles. Just like Abdullah, you cannot have your start player constantly giving the ball to the other team in one way or another. With Stafford, its either been picks, or fumbles, or both, but honestly its been 2 years that Stafford has had turnover issues. 2016 he was better than he was in 2017, and he is worse in 2018 than he was in 2017.

Hate to admit it, but he’s looked much less than stellar more this season than in recent memory… like being unable to hit the deep target far too often, no touch… the WR’s have more than made up for some off-target balls as well.

Thought unleashing the full power of JBC ball without conservative Coach Caldwell would have been a very nice combo… turns JBC seems to be the problem afterall.