No one hates losing more than I do, than my family does

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59 years of Actual Recorded History refutes your jaded cliche that Dear Old Dad would trot out once every few years.

No one believed him either after ohhh, about 1975.


What an incredibly tone deaf comment. I appreciate that she tried stepping up to the podium at least - but what an incredibly dumb thing to say to the losing’est fan base in professional sports

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Was she supposed to say me and my family love losing?


I am all in with her to be honest… The alternative sucks worse.


I especially like the part where she tells a fan base that’s been patient for 6 decades that we need to be patient. Thanks Sheila……we’re working on it. Lol


Shit like this is just ridiculous , no , you don’t say u love losing, you say nothing on that. Nobody ask her that. That was volunteering info that everyone will know is bullshit.


Eat a dick fords


Simply put. She is full of shit


Orrrrrrrr you’re overreacting


If she wanted to be honest, she could have said, “I’m sorry, we just don’t have a clue how to build a winning franchise, but, I’m trying to learn”.
Something along those lines.


Ok she’s wrong on that but Sheila doesn’t like losing. No one does. And in their country club circles, being a laughing stalk is embarrassing. They want to win. They’re just bad at it.

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Yeah, it must suck to lose as bad as they have.:person_facepalming:

“We are slightly indifferent to losing.” “When it comes to losing we are lukewarm” “me and my family hate losing…money. Please renew your season tickets and strap in for the long haul”

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I personally believe she and her mother want a winner very badly.

The old man…not so much. Was a combination toy/boys club for him.

But wanting a winner and knowing how to get there can be two different things.

Martha sought help from the NFL and ended up with Quinn…who was highly regarded as a up and comer, coming froom inside the best organization in the NFL. She did the right things…it didn’t work

Martha wanted a winner so bad that she was willing to say 9 wins w no banners wasn’t good enough when Quinn said that Patricia could get them hanging banners

She had 100x less patience w losing than the old man did and I respect her


It reminds me of her shit level answer for league low attendance.

I realize what they are trying to do by putting her out there to speak. But they need to to realize its not going to work…and only has the potential to backfire. We suck. We will always suck. So every appearance by here needs to have that in mind and be carefully vetted and scripted.

When you win you can do and say all kinds of things and people will run with it. When you are losing people view it from a completely different lens. If someone tells you Kobe Bryant spent 4 hours of an 8 hour flight to play a game working out on the plane while his teammates were trying to sleep…people will call that Mamba Mentality and receive it positively. ■■■■ those people for sleeping when they should have been working out with Kobe. But say it was Russell Wilson who did it and suddenly it turns to “what is this clown doing?”

Sheila needs to realize she is ALWAYS the clown. It will never change. So every single public appearance needs to come from that angle. She will never be anything more than the owner’s rep for the worst team in the league. Act like it.

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We are all tired of tired ass, hackneyed, worn out, over-uses platitudinal puffery.

Its all.we have EVER heard from them.

Sheila is No Different.

Ever hear the phrase “The best apology is Changed Behavior”?


SOL rampant up and down the field and FO, all day, every day

If people think she is different, then they are still in the “Oh Baby, I didnt mean to hit you this time…I love you so much, I’ll change this time, I promise” stage of being a battered wife.

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If she hates losing, she must hate life. Because she is the losing champion of the world

I don’t believe her, but at least she gives a flying F. Her old man didn’t.


The team is losing. There was no right way for Shelia to answer questions that would have satisfied the fan base. You either fire everyone and start all over again, or you stick to your decision and see it through. She’s choosing to see it through.

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