No practice today?

Not seeing any updates today,

Yes. But as noted no updates yet that I’m aware of

There will be reports no doubt on their longest, intense practice yet–I think. Apparently no Dan press briefing today though.

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I didn’t get my daily dose of MCDC so I guess I have to watch the other interviews…

Also love the Hock interview because he flat out said practice was over and he was just out there doing extra work, but you can clearly see in the background he is not the only player or coach out there. Practice over? No fans? Don’t care, got work to do.

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Absolutely! This team is dialed in. I don’t know how that translates in the regular season but, have we ever seen a team this committed and dialed in and focused on becoming great?



Strange that it linked that way.

Supposedly MCDC talked to Goff about the celebration and that he needs to do a better job to avoid injury.

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I like that Bryant says Hutch and Harris are really good, and then says he’s as good as they are. He wants to prove himself for this staff and this team.
Love this team’s attitude!
Step up to the plate Mr. Bryant we’re pullin for ya.

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Agreed… Bryant and Houston are two guys I’m really excited for and I think both make the roster


Agree. The D is going to be a lot better this year.


Yeah… final cuts are gonna be interesting this year.

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