No sacks Allowed

Correct me if I’m wrong, but no sacks allowed in 2 weeks? I cant remember that ever happening.

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We had a sack.

Yes sorry meant OL…corrected

That is correct.

Major improvement when compared to the last few years.

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I don’t hold that stat in very high regard.
That has more to do with designs in getting rid of the ball quickly than pass protection in my view.
And, Bevell has Stafford rolling out more away from the pocket/pressure and that is helping some.


Definitely more than one way to skin an Eagle.

The Eagles kinda skinned themselves several times, with drops and fumbles. Our OL is doing better at pass pro, but they still can’t run-block very well. I don’t think it’s a case of sub-standard RBs, they’re just not very good at it.

I wish I could sit as a fly on the wall in the room with Jeff Davidson and the coaches as they watch film.

The important part is we didn’t skin ourselves, and let them implode

The Oline played great yet again.


I share the concern about our running game, in particular, Oline run blocking, but we do need to keep in mind the opponent this week is pretty good at stopping the run…

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we had 2 sacks

No sacks Allowed no sacks allowed—but there was lots of pressue from the eagles def line----didn’t give stafford much time–i think thats why some passes were a little off—just my 2 cens \

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Stafford bought the OL cookies last week after no sacks. I’ll take no sacks and a victory every freaking time.

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The Genius DC…exotic blitz packages…knows Stafford…


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Did we have any offensive holding calls today?

Yep, that was obvious. If Staff had just slightly more time, I think the productivity goes up immensely.

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My take is I don’t care WHY it’s better just that it is better than it has been and that’s a good thing right?

We are doing more play action than we have in years past…those plays take time to develop. It isn’t all just getting the ball out quick, but we are definitely moving the pocket more too