No topic on former lion Everson Griffen

Dude is going through a mental break. Let’s hope for the best for him and his family.


Someone alluded to it earlier, and I assumed it was Griffen, but I haven’t actually read the reports as of yet.

I feel bad for the guy. I also am a firm believer that mental health is solvable and is just a malfunction in the brains chemicals.

It’s a wonder why Griffen has not had some type of PET scans from some top mental health doctors to see what is going on with his brain. Maybe he has had this done…I dont really know. But if not…it can show what the heck is going on with a person’s brain.

Here is some information:

See…you don’t see much about this for treatment of mental health because a PET scan is expensive and most insurance companies wont cover it (at least that is my understanding, as I myself wanted to have one but wanst willing to pay out of pocket for it)…

However, with the vast resources Griffen has and the money he has made…I’m sure he could afford it.

When a physiatrist gives you meds to try to help a mental health issue …they’re really just throwing a dart and saying “try it out…see if it helps”.

A PET scan can show EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON IN A PERSONS BRAIN, so is throwing darts to try to solve the issue.

In fact…a PET scan can show help alot of issues…ADHD, DEPRESSION, OCD, SCHIZOPHRENIA,

Anything really.

If only this was accessible to people that keep commiting crimes, have aggression issues, have schizophrenia…

The brain and body is science. A mixture of chemicals. If someone ain’t acting right…it can be solved.

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The last report is that Griffen left his house without incident, and is now receiving treatment. He had been holed up in there alone with a gun because he thought people were coming to kill him.

Some dickwad had the nerve to ask Zimmer about Giffen’s availability for week 12, while he was still refusing to come out of his house. Why the hell would you ask about that? Asshole.


Thanks for the update.

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Yes hoping he gets the help he needs and makes a full recovery.

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I should just keep my mouth shut……but:

Mental health is not simply a malfunction of brain chemicals. Most mental health struggles are manageable through awareness, choice, action consistency and when necessary medication.

Psychiatrists are not just throwing darts FYI……it’s a gross exaggeration to what they actually do.

Can PET scans help with some AXIS 2 diagnosis but it’s not the be all end all you seem to apply.

Interesting article non the less, I have seen similar research in my work.


I think Everson had a bout with depression before he came to us, if I remember correctly…sounds like there might be something more going on though.

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PET and SPECT will be a standard for mental illness and mental diseases

Mental diseases is not a correct term. We use the term mental illness, Diagnosis but not mental diseases.

What is it that you do in the mental health profession?

Well…isnt dementia a mental disease?

I would say it is more of a disease than illness.

You didn’t answer my question. What do you do in the field of mental health? You are talking about a medical issue when you talk about Dementia where a neurologist makes the diagnosis. In the case of Griffin you are talking about a Mental Health Issue where a psychologist, psychiatrist, licensed therapist or social worker can make the diagnosis. I typically recommend a person always talk to a psychologist since that is what we do for a living, test people, along with the talk therapies. That is the whole point of this thread. Griffen isn’t suffering from Dementia, he is suffering due to something related to his mental health, so within the field of Mental Health we do not refer to anxiety, depression, or any of the Axis 2 diagnosis as a mental disease. And honestly, your take is very flawed. Mental health is not simply the malfunction of brain chemicals. Brain scans can be useful depending on the scenario but they are not necessary or practical in most mental health situations.

The reason dementia is mentioned because we were talking about what PET scans can accomplish. As I said…it is beneficial for mental health and mental diseases. So beneficial that Harvard …whom I believe…published that article I posted and even predicts PET scans to be a standard in mental health and mental disease diagnosis.

I’m not saying ALL mental health is a result of chemical malfunction in the brain. A heavy amount is.

I’d love to see you fix Titus Young with a pep talk…and “learned behavior”…

How about TE Jace Sternberger?

How about Soloman Thomas?

I’d bet a lot of them are on medications, which alter their brain chemistry. They simply dont just go to “counseling” once or twice a week and call it a day.

This is why these medications are researched and brought into existence.

However… to say how much of a medication one needs to balance their brain chemistry? If a person takes too much, it can lead to side effects that many people don’t wanna live with.

A PET scan can even show when the brain is too saturated with a specific chemical in the brain.

For example, most schizophrenics suffer from high dopamine.

And my whole idea here was to try to help. Clearly…and I am speculating…Griffen probably has saw a bunch of counselors and physiatrists…IT AINT WORKING.

You really do not know what you are talking about. The more you talk the more you make that point clear.

Have you ever worked with a schizophrenic?

yes, yes you are.

I’m not here to float my ego, so I am not gonna measure myself against you. I have not attacked you and claimed “I am smarter”. It seems, with your condescending responses, you’re not open to a discussion, but rather a measure of egos. I wont take part in that.

But are you saying that PET scans are not helpful for mental health?

Dementia is neurological in nature, but so are plenty of other disorders that aren’t in the brain or result in cognitive impairment. Alzheimers Dementia is different than Parkinsonian Dementia is different than what used to be good old fashioned “senility”.

Depression etc, like Dementia, is a tricky bugger , but in this case to even get your head around Why it is. Sure there are neurochemical deficits, but while SSRIing your way back to a happy serotonin place is good, there can be a whole lot more going on there than neurochem balance.

Hammers are great tools to build a house, but you need saws and levels and stuff and things too.

Griffin needs some help and time and treatment. The jackwagon that asked Zimmer about his status for week 12 deserves a good dressing down from the podium and a wood shampoo later on in the alley


What are the odds he took an overdose of adderall or a small bit of cocaine while “thinking people are coming to get him”?

I mean, he seems fine up until this one night …

Something triggered this.

Or it could have been some powerful weed …

But weed usually wouldnt make him have fight or flight response. Usually just a lot of paranoia and worrying.

He also could have had too much caffiene…

Or this was just a day where his brain chemicals aligned in that “perfect” way to cause a fight or flight response.

And you can’t rule out Alcohol.

Believe me…NFL players are getting illegal drugs. NFL does not test barely at all during the season.

The guy did some lines IMO. No judgement…but I’d bet on DraftKings he did lines.

I can see NFL players taking cocaine or adderall, especially if I was over 30.

Tom Brady might be on one of them.

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I never said that. But you didn’t answer my original question. Are you in the field of mental health. It isn’t an ego challenge, I am sincerely curious.

Not trying to be condescending at all, you are making statements about my profession that I don’t agree with and I am simply talking to you.

I mean I find this comment to be rude and very uninformed because it’s not a “pep talk” and our environment 100% plays apart in our personalities and behaviors.

Paranoia leads to the fight or flight response. It is all based on anxiety. Paranoia is fear and fight or flight is choosing how to react to that said fear.

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Weed usually doesnt lead to paranio that results in fight or flight though, because it lowers dopamine and testosterone. My key word was usually

It’s also entirely possible someone mixes multiple drugs…weed and cocaine…weed and adderall with alcohol…etc.

Cocaine does lead to fight or flight…so does adderall.

What difference does if make if I went to school for Phsciatry or I learned on my own?

It’s all in a book. Or readily availble via the internet.

My whole point was this:

Is PET scan beneficial for mental health?

The answer to me…is a strong yes.

However…looking at this Griffen situation…I’d bet the guy has a substance abuse problem.

Y E S!!!