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So…a drug addict or alcoholic just “makes a choice”?

That is simply not true. Well…it is true…but it certainly has to do with the brain thinking…which is dictated by chemicals. And those chemicals are altered by substances, whether natural and legal/illegal, or unnatural and legal/illegal.

Big difference actually. There were professors in college who were amazing teachers. Had their PH.D’s and knew those books inside and out but they had no real-world practical knowledge. It is why there are such things as internships and residencies. You have to be able to apply what you learned into real life scenarios.

So weed does lead to Anxiety very often, anxiety causes the fight or flight…

I did answer that question in my second post. They have their place but they don’t have the place that you believe they have or need in mental health.

Weed does cause anxiety, but since it lowers dopamine and testosterone…its very unlikely you’ll find a guy who just “smoked too much weed” sitting in his house saying “people are coming to get me” while holding a gun.

Dont find too many stoners holding a gun and having fight or flight.

That would be more cocaine or alchohol or adderall.

Or maybe that K2 garbage

I don’t have the time or energy to get into this…right now, anyway. :wink:

I help people with addiction - no meds - balancing neurotransmitters - psychological and spiritual cross-training.

Permanent change, instead of shaming it out of them.

And diet and exercise are key components?

Get those neurotransmitters working?

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Key, and important, but NOT the biggest factor in the equation.

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Tell that to the guys in my groups I ran in prison, or the hospitals I have worked at.

It is less likely to happen with Alcohol.

It 100% is a choice. I have helped countless men and women remain sober for decades, beat their anxiety, depression, not listen to their voices due to schizophrenia without medications all based on the simple concept of choice and free will. Staying in the moment and understanding triggers and how to deal with those triggers by making choices.


Do you have a website?

you can ask @BigNatty if I am legit, we are friends in real life.


So weed can effect other differently

If someone has a natural brain that overproduce dopamine…totally possible the weed paranoia can cause fight or flight because they already have a high level of dopamine in their brains.

However…it is way more likely adderall or cocaine, or stimulants, cause more of a fight or flight response.

Also, some people get mad when they drink…some get relaxed…some are relaxed until something happens in the moment and they snap. Everyone is different.

What if someone drank a triple latte…and smoked powerful marijuana? I guess it would dependent on the person, but if they’re sensitive to stimulants (like me) …they could have fight or flight response while altered by marijuana.

Basically what I am saying, is a stimulant is more likely to cause that fight or flight response than weed or similar.

I guess it is opinion. But all human brains are not the same…and some are more sensitive to things we put in our bodies than others. Everything is a case-by-case basis. At least in my opinion. But the fact that no 2 human bodies or brains are Identical or respond the same way to individual substances is pretty good evidence.

But that is my opinion.

But there is a reason you don’t see a pot head running down the freeway naked (maybe very rarely)…versus if someone smoke K2 and goes crazy.

Dont mistake me for someone that doesnt respect psychology. I do. But I think the people that need psychology versus meds and further treatment have mostly been abused or experienced something tragic in their childhood. Something that scarred them and it just in their brain.

However, past that…this is why meds exist. This is why brain chemistry is studied and analyzed.

I’m all for ALL NATURAL. Diet, exercise and natural supplements can help just as much, and many times MORE, than some nasty drug like prozac,wellbutrin…whatever

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Btw…this rhymes

“Also, some people get mad when they drink…some get relaxed…some are relaxed, until something happens in the moment and they snap

EDIT: "everyone is different. We all ain’t the same. We definitely do not have… two identical brains. I’m different than you and you’re different from me…but we will both face death wondering…

What the F is to be?" (NOW SPANK THAT BEAT…BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!)

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DubPup and I were just exchanging some thoughts around this in another thread some-odd days ago. Obviously there’s a lot we don’t know about Griffen’s situation, but as you say, his case may be a simple cause/effect.

Not knowing Everson’s starting point with regards to mental health, it’s hard to be too certain how he’ll react.

Exactly the same kind of thing we mentioned in the other thread, using benadryl as the example.

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I think the key to treatment is rubbing some dirt on it. Then put some tusin on it.


Neat trick if it works. Mom, paranoid schizophrenic/manic depression. same with brother and nephew. W/o their med’s, batshit crazy. Two fold approach, psychiatry and med’s works. One w/o the other, not as effective. In fact, psychiatry alone ineffective with re to peaks and valleys.

Manic-depressive Uncle. Would be fine on his meds and even pretty OK without them, but then would gradually build to a completely disconnected maniac after months of heavy marijuana use, resulting in being institutionalized, stabilized and released.

Rinse, repeat.

It’s not a trick. And your explanation is not that simple. You are taking your subjective experience and attempting to apply it objectively. I could easily do the same with my personal experiences with schizophrenia. My experience being 2 uncles, a cousin and an aunt on both sides of the family living with schizophrenia, as well as my father working with this particular population as a Clinical Psychologist for over 40 years combined that with my experience also as a clinical psychologist working with this population for more than 15 years. Medication is not a bad thing. Medication alone doesn’t work. Medication, counseling and holistic approach works. The good psychiatrists tell you that. The ones who just want to keep you coming back and dependent on then do not.

They are the same thing; you go to a psychiatrist and he prescribes the medications.

Nephew hasn’t talked to me since I went to a competency hearing and asked that he remain in care for a longer period, he was committed by the police. Saw him on the street months later, totally out of it. There was a court order for him to maintain treatment so I called the police and was told it wasn’t their problem. Euphoric w/o the med’s, they quit taking them and the process repeats.

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Hope Griffen is doing better.

On a lighter note, when it comes to mental illness, Lions fans should be experts in this area. We have tons of experience.