No... Willie Mays

R.i.p. to one of the best mlb players of all time.


Willie gone?? Rip Willie

Lived a long fulfilling life. Definitely in the conversation for greatest of all-time. RIP

One of my childhood heroes by virtue of him being my father’s. Was a good man later in life and came clean and was regretful and apologetic about periods when he was not.

If you are eliminating drugged up versions of players then I think he’s likely the GOAT. The Balco Barry version is the greatest baseball player ever by a healthy margin. Sadly had he never cheated he wouldn’t have finished far behind his godfather in that best ever conversation.

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One of my first have to have cards when I was collecting baseball cards. Was one of the best.

“Say hey kid”! RIP Mr. Mays. One of the greatest of all time.

If you have ever made an over the shoulder basket catch on a line drive, just like Mays, raise your hand.

Did it in softball once and baseball practice once

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I took a baseball to the nuts when I tried out in high school, which is pretty much the same thing.


But you have a cannon for an arm. We saw that after the playoff win :joy::joy:

You ever find that bottle? I’m pretty sure it went at least a quarter mile. Your name makes a lot more sense now that I think about it.


Mood Wtf GIF by Tennis TV


A true uncle Rico.


The bottle didn’t go far. I noodle armed that thing like Jeff Garcia. It probably would have gone nowhere and shattered against the deck railing if I had waited a minute for the alcohol to kick in.

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Stop being so humble. :joy: