None Of The Top 6

Paid QB’s teams made the postseason…



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Brady, the GOAT, isn’t in the Top 6?
This league is ten kinds of screwed up!

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It’s his choice though. He isn’t the breadwinner in his house, (by a longshot, actually) so he may as well give a discount to chase rings.


Brady makes another 14 mil per year in endorsements, plus we have no idea how much he’s making off of TB12.

I’m not so sure about that reasoning.

It may be a smart long term play.

Let’s suppose he weren’t “generous” and cutting his pay. He starts losing games, not even getting to super bowls. How much sooner do we hear that he’s over the hill and time to go again. If his strategy gets him 5-6 more years, wouldn’t that net out more career earnings? AND he’s winning.

There is evidence to suggest that when guys get paid, the team starts to suffer. Take a look at Russell Wilson.

I’m not sure Brady’s “sacrifice” isn’t financially motivated. It’s just a long term thing.

The fact he won the super bowl 3 times early gives him that ability, but still, there may be financial motivation from a pure football perspective.

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Brady would have never taken the discount if his team and coach didn’t first prove to him they could win superbowls, IMO.

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Well yeah …

If you think that was my entire point, you missed it.

Either way, believe what you want. I’m honestly sick of talking about the guy – at least sick enough not to bother debating this.

No, I don’t think it was your point. I was actually disputing your point and making my own.

IF it is true that a QB taking less money is a competitive advantage and IF super bowl rings lead to higher job security, then taking less up front to field a more competitive team gets you paid more, overall, in the long run.

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It doesn’t get your agent paid now, though!

Yeah, but the agent still nets more in the long run. Much better to have repeat business than to have to fight for new clients.

You don’t have to convince me.

One interesting thing about the Tom Brady thing, is Tom is helping to protect his own legacy. Can you imagine how much it would damage how history views him if he left and Belichick won several Super Bowls with a different QB?

Yep. Could be. They had the #8 offense with Cassel in 2008 and went 11-5 (of course, that was off the 16-0 season with Brady).

The thing about the Patriots is that with all the QB love, they have had top 10 defense since 2004 (with the exception of 2011, when it was average. Of course, that year the offense scored 513 points and got to the super bowl…