Not going to jinx it but

I’ve noticed a specific pattern relating our uniform combination worn and game results over our 17-6 stretch.

I’m not going to disclose what it is, because I’m not going to even think about jinxing it.

But, this pattern results in us winning tommorow.

If anyone else even thinks about revealing what the pattern is, don’t. I and the rest of the Lions fanbase will not be happy with you when we lose.

But if you figure it out, good job.

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Jinxing isn’t real. Spill it.


That we’re undefeated when Penei wears Spanx?

I’ll tell you without saying it, just in case…


= W

= W

animation illustration GIF

= L

Note the kind of lock this is…

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For tomorrow

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Dope uniforms.






Notice anything?

Then go look at our wins.

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I’m ready. Koolaid blue it is.

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@Nate if I just say it and we lose do I get to blame you?


Dc Comics Dancing GIF by Max


For all 9 of the Lions wins, they have worn the same color pants as their jerseys.

For all 4 Lions losses, they have worn different colored pants from the jerseys they were wearing.

Hence, when they wear a “combination”, they lose.

Last season, during the 8-2 stretch, the Lions were also undefeated in color on color combinations, not counting the Thanksgiving L to the Bills in all gray, which I don’t count since that’s not a primary combination of ours.

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I checked the moon phase, just in case.


Silly me. All this time I spent charting statstics and tendencies, evaluating the impact of injuries and scheduling quirks, and anticipating player matchups–and now I find out it was all useless. A simple color scheme tips off the Lions results in the immediate future for us. Cool.

But that makes sense because the Lions always win when I shoot over 50% with balled socks across the bedroom into the drawer if I’m folding laundry on game day. And I win at the horse races by betting on the horse that takes the biggest dump in the paddock. Facts… :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

The Broncos are going down. I guess that will free up my Saturday night…

Love the blueberries


So we’re good? No nickname for it this time? Just “moon”.

We struggle during the waxing gibbous. Tomorrow’s game will be a waxing crescent. So we are good there. The crescent and the gibbous are essentially opposites.

And during the full moon Goff turns into teen wolf and dunks on everyone


I approve and my grandfather clock agrees with you.

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Confession time…
I have not worn it every week…buuut…

Godfather is cooler than you guys think.
@Nate bought me a Dan Campbell jersey… just cuz.
Swear to tiny, baby Jesus…we have NEVER lost, when I wear it.

…Tomorrow, I will wear the jersey again (promise)
I can guarantee a win tomorrow, fellas.

100% true story