Not Lions related Chase Claypool

Was caught kicking a man in the face during a bar brawl

Was the guy standing? I ask because kicking someone in the head during fight can be entirely appropriate, depending on the circumstances.

Looks like he was trying to intervene. Buddy was wrestling with another guy on the ground.

Hmm, I’ll have to wait for more details before deciding if this was bad or badass.

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No the guy was on the ground and it was a sucker kick, total asshat move…3rd man in a brawl, let the two settle it mano on mano

Well, it definitely wasn’t good. Short suspension worthy I would imagine.


I picked up washington the steelers wr in a cheap keeper trade a week ago. He might actually have value now


He shouldn’t have done it but it’s not that bad IMO.

Don’t suspend him but instead make him play 2021 with a Jersey that says “Idiot” rather than Claypool on the back of it.

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After he kicked that dude, the white guy flew into his knee…I don’t think I would have felt all-that bad if he would have blown-out Claypool’s knee for the season, just sayin that karma’s a bitch sometimes.

Neither would I. It was incredibly stupid of him.