Not many players left from Quinn's drafts

2016–Decker & Glasgow (returned)
2017–JRM (returned)
2018–Ragnow & Walker
2020–Okwara & Jackson (Swift seems destined to be traded; Stenberg seems unlikely to make the team)

There are several players still in the league with other teams, but other than Hockenson & maybe Okudah, no other starters.


Yeah, smartest guy in the room. Poor Cleveland.

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I sure hope we do not trade swift. Keeping him insulates rb from injury for only 1.75m. He is in a contract year so he should be at his best. We need to get through 20 games this year… he is worth more to us than a 5th or 6th


100% agree w/you…with one small bump in the road…he wants out.

He was beat the ■■■■ out of his laptop pissed at the Gibbs pick.
Hopefully he calms down and realizes that it’s not personal. Nobody hates him.
Love what he does on the field. It’s strictly the constant injuries. Not his fault. Not the teams fault. He’s just not built to take the abuse.

The dude is ripped. His body type isn’t the issue. According to Staley, it was his limited willingness to tough it out and play through injuries.


Hard knocks showed us the problem it’s definitely upstairs and that’s why Duce was on his ass.

I saw a gif of a guy doing that who wasnt swift… i can not find anything where he himself expresses that he is mad or wants out. Can you please elaborate and state your sources. Help me out??

Maybe we saw the same clip? A woman screams in the background?
I thought it was him.

I’d keep him but he’s now disgruntled and it maybe best to move on.

He has requested to be traded. I think it happens.

That sure did not look anything at all like d’andre swift… did you believe a gif was a real life instant reaction??? This isnt your first day on the internet…


I hope they set a trade value minimum and tell him if a team doest meet a 4th round pick minimum then he will be here this year. He has zero leverage to hold out. No one will give us that much. He will see that we put him in the market and that no one would pay our price

I definitely read it in here. It was something about his agent reaching out. I always question the validity of sources though.


And, poof, he was gone.

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Donald Glover Reaction GIF

There are only nine Bob Quinn players left now.

Quinn players that Holmes extended:

  • Frank Ragnow
  • Romeo Okwara
  • Jack Fox
  • Jason Cabinda
  • Tracy Walker

Quinn players on Quinn contracts:

  • Taylor Decker
  • Julian Okwara
  • Jonah Jackson
  • Logan Stenberg

Quinn’s core … gone.

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He could be next to go.