Not sure if this is speculation or rumor, but Snacks on the trading block?

Chad Forbes


In 4 games Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison has played just over 40% of #Lions Defensive Snaps. Potential reunion with Steve Spagnulo & #Chiefs isn’t a crazy concept. Adding a premiere Run Defender to Chiefs interior might be as important as adding a Cornerback prior to trade deadline.

Although he clearly hasn’t performed well this year, that would be a surprise.

If the front office did that, I’d think they’d have to kick the tires on NT Domata Peko, who never signed with anyone, but did visit the Lions in the offseason.

It’s the long term plan!

He will play and dominate MNF!!!

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To be good in any business, you have to be open to any transaction. I’m hopeful Snacks starts dominating the line of scrimmage here, but if KC wants to over pay for him, I would be all ears.



He Daniels and flowers are about 25 million dollars worth of past performance does not indicate future achievement found in fine print at the bottom of most investment contracts.


Flowers has shown up

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Flowers is starting to play well. I’m not sure it’s 20 Mil worth however.

I don’t see us trading Snacks but he’s definitely not the force he was. If you notice his snap counts are low. This makes me think he’s playing through injury or conditioning.


He’s been on the stat sheet a little bit as of late, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think he would be more impactful. Sorry, but all that money and he has 1 TFL and 3 hits on a QB in 4 games. That’s a lot of money for not much impact. When you play the position he does, you shouldn’t have just 1 tackle for loss in 4 games.

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All this talk makes me think that Hand is ready.

WTF !? Snacks has been the #1 Run defender in the NFL the last 4 seasons but now we are going to trade him? very Lionesque.

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Takes a minute, several games injury free, for these big DL to hit their stride… Sure in this case age could be a factor. As well as Daniels. Also with Daniels, if he comes back he will take a few games to get up to speed. Hoping for no setbacks when that time comes. Need these big fellas if we want to make a playoff run.

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Not if he’s going to keep playing the way he has been.

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I woulda brought Peko in here to replace Strong. The Lions are giving up too much on the ground IMHO, and that’s Peko’s strength isn’t it? Maybe he ain’t in NFL game shape though, they don’t need another guy that needs 4 weeks to get into playing shape before he can contribute much.

Nice, leave out that he’s leading the team in pressures and has a FF too


I think a lot of it has to do with scheme. We’re not really asking him to get after the QB much.

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When Trey Flowers is at his best, he’s the anti Cliff Avril. He does pretty much everything you can ask a guy to do. But in the end, it won’t lead to big sack numbers. Cliff was different. He was only asked to do ONE thing…ever. Everything else was a side note. Go…get…quarterback. So he was allowed to be a liability in pretty much any other aspect of the game. And the “return” was single digit sacks?

Yeah, that’s not actually correct. Most of what was asked of cliff was to play the wide-9 and get up field…but he looped inside and he dropped into coverage as well.

As far as Snacks is concerned, I do think he needs to step it up. And so does the run defense in general, we ain’t giving up the big one much, but too many of the smaller chunks is making it hard to get off the field when it’s 3rd and 2. Doubt if Harrison is going anywhere unless this is as good as he’s going to get. I don’t think they’ll trade him though.

Pressures don’t always result in anything positive. The FF is great, but are you really saying that 1 tackle for loss in 4 games is good production out of your highest paid defensive player? He plays on the defensive line and only made 1 tackle behind the line of scrimmage. Bottom line, he’s been handled pretty well by the opposing team’s tackles.

New England let Flowers walk, then drafted Winovich who already has 4 sacks and a TD. They are paying him a small fraction of what Flowers is getting paid to do very little. That my friend is the Patriot way.

Pressure is nice, but if the QB scrambles for a 15 yard gain on that play, then the pressure is meaningless. Get some damn sacks! Sacks end drives. Pressures don’t.

I would like to see where you got your stats on pressures. Genuinely curious how he fares against the rest of the league. I also have no idea how he has more pressures than Kennard who actually gets his hands on the QB more than once per month.

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Pressures lead to bad throws and bad decisions. Kennard is a nice piece, but he flashes and then disappears for long stretches of games. This year is no different, he balled out against Arizona and then is average the next 3 games, and he plays more snaps than Flowers so his stats should be better. I’m not trying to justify the price tag, he was going to get paid by somebody. He never was and never will be a guy that stacks up sacks, that’s not his game and that’s not why we signed him. He’s asked to do a lot on defense and if you know what you’re looking at, he’s contributing in a lot of ways that don’t show up on the stat sheet. You’re thinking like most average fans think, if he’s not getting sacks then he must suck and he’s overpaid.

Also, I get the pressures stats from pff

Here’s an article echoing my opinion…


I appreciate that take. I guess I have a problem with signing someone for that much money and not expecting them to straight up dominate. Like, top of the league, all pro caliber play. Not just get some hurries and call it a day.

I am also a Michigan fan. For the last couple years, I heard the same thing about Rashan Gary. “He’s doing what he’s asked. He’s getting double teamed”. “He’s not asked to get sacks”. Meanwhile, Winovich, went about his business, actually got double teams and still managed to get much more production. Fast forward to the pros and I have no doubt Gary will have a underwhelming career and Winovich will end up being a steal. Sometimes players just make plays. I see no real impact out of Flowers thus far. In fact, when Ziggy was healthy, he was much more disruptive than Flowers is.