Not sure what to say about this

Detroit Lions: Report suggests Detroit Lions are ‘going to move on’ from Matthew Stafford | DSN (

There’s nothing to say. There’s no way anyone could know what we are going to do with Matt when we don’t even have a HC or GM yet.


True, unless there’s rumblings that Matt wants to go…which wouldnt surprise me at this point.

Sportswriter in city that Really Needs a QB has “birdies” that tell him best QB that is hypothetically possibly on the market is being forced out by team ownership That Has No General Manager or Head Coach

Obvious troll is obvious.


Just another guy with anonymous sources. I take it with a grain of salt right now. I don’t get worked up over anonymous sources.

This is a typical throw something at the wall and hope it sticks story.

The facts are that trading or cutting Stafford would take an enormous cap hit for the Lions. He might be in the future plans but it makes no sense in moving him with all sorts of dead money attached to it. The other fact is who are you replacing him with? If it is a rookie m, it would be better for them to hang onto Stafford and let them learn next year.

Lastly, we don’t have a GM or coach so anyone talking right now about what we are going to do is making things up (even if that is the way it goes). I doubt it though.

I believe a lot of these “rumors” are coming out of the Stafford camp. I believe he wants to go but isn’t going to request a trade formally. He’s doing his so that he can be traded without being the bad guy (to protect his image in Detroit).

Granted this is all personal speculation after seeing similar scenarios played out with other players on other teams/leagues.


I think Stafford is ready to move on and I don’t blame the guy. Dan Orlovsky has been pretty vocal about Stafford leaving and they are pretty close friends. I kind of feel like he is Staffords spokesman at this point. It doesn’t mean some new regime couldn’t come in and convince him to stay, but I think at this point the odds are pretty good that he is gone.

Also, unrelated, but important: The Lions have managed to end badly with every damn good player they’ve ever had, so there’s that.


Sounds like Stafford will be back in 2021.

Usually when rumors like this start to surface they are coming from the team or the players agent.

Being how the Lions do not have a GM I’m 100% confident that the team isn’t spreading rumors like this. The only birdies this guy could have are from the Stafford camp. And based on his story I tend to believe his birdies are 100% BS.

See my post above. It appears the Lions want Stafford back in 2021.

The only way I think the Lions move one from Stafford is if he asked to be traded and Stafford doesn’t seem like the type.

I 100% believe this guy is just full of BS.


I think Stafford and his family are pretty well entrenched in the community there. And Stafford doesn’t seem like the type to start rumors to create discord

I think this story has made up birdies.



Well, I’ll tell you this… I was at metro airport yesterday and while waiting for my luggage I chatted up a guy who said he was Stafford’s agent who said he heard from his wife he wanted to have an in person meeting so he flew in immediately and he was given the impression from a phone call Stafford was going to demand a trade to the 49ers and the lions are negotiating trading Stafford for Saleh and Peters.

I took it with a grain of salt, until my Lyft driver showed up and he said he just got done taking Stafford’s second cousin’s boyfriend’s father to a hotel in west Bloomfield who also happens to be a real estate agent who’s helping them immediately sell their house, because he wants out of the city.

I was still skeptical, until i went to a subway off telegraph in dearborn where I ran into a woman who said she was Kelly’s sister’s nephew’s fiancé, who confirmed all of what I previously heard. So now I believe it.

Please don’t take any of this seriously.


Seems to me the only thing that’s possible to be known now is if Stafford is saying he doesn’t want to start anew with another regime in Detroit. Privately, obviously, not publicly.

It’s the new GM and new Head Coach’s decision whether Stafford stays or goes. We don’t have one yet so, this makes no sense. Unless… See my first sentence.

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I know we have to dig ourselves out of Quinntricias hole with this roster. Having said that I got literally nauseous when I saw that headline and imagined the possibilities. Giving up on stafford now is giving up on being a contender the next 2 seasons. Each season is an opportunity and losing now doesn’t promise winning later. Hope he sticks it out and we get another year under better leadership. I’m fine with drafting a qb in round 3. As imperfect as he is at times Matt is STILL the best player on our team and a well respected leader.


I personally put more stock in anything you guys write on this board before I believe anything a writer has to say. Furthermore, I believe in the same manner about your opinions versus theirs.

Reporters are all about click bait, ratings, and stirring controversy. Conversely, the people on this site are more interested, for the most part, in delving into the truth, vetting their ideas, and investigating the endless permutations of what is realistically possible.

There’s a higher quality of investigative journalism on this board in one day than every publication out there in a week’s time, and I’ll put cold hard cash on that.


Cue up weird Al Yankovic’s “I Got a Lame Claim to Fame”…

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I hope that Rod Wood has no say in that. It will definitely impact whether or not coaches or want to come here if some know nothing family butler, poor mans Richard Gere is making personnel decisions.