Note to Flowers

your quickly ticking me off so shape the #3!! up or ship the #3!! out !!! , your on a short leash buddy !

He’s actually on a pretty long leash but whatever

I thought he made a couple nice plays towards the end there.

He led the team in tackles and had a sack. Am I missing something here?


According to my stats, he had 8 tackles and a sack. I am pretty sure if he did that every game, he would be all-pro.


yes but I wasn’t the only one complaining about him in game.

Okay, but you are the one complaining about him now. I understand being emotional in game, but we are 3 hours out, from a Lions win.

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He’s not playing well yet but sheesh, give it time. Most Pats fans wanted to run Gilmore out of town his first season he was so bad, now he’s arguably the best CB in the league. Flowers missed most of the offseason, too. I have a feeling by next year we’ll love him.

I’ve been frustrated with him for sure but no preseason action at all is going to hurt him. Hopefully this have is a sign he’s rounding into form.

Our whole team needs time to get in game condition and offense needs to work out the kinks…

Hopefully we’ll be rolling by mid-season… Til then, keep squeaking out Ws.

He played ugly!

He isn’t worth the money. Really pissed we signed him. When did he get sacked, cause that was Kennard not him? Maybe a half a sack. Still we brought him in to put pressure on the qb and stop the run behind the line. I haven’t seen it yet.

He is very out of shape and isnt a great athlete. It’s a bad signing, just like Daniels. At least Daniels is only on a one year deal. Flowers isn’t really an impact player. He doesn’t have length.

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