Notes on Panthers game

I did not see a win coming here, especially after the way the Lions played in the last 3. Carolina had 10 days to get ready for us too, maybe they took us for granted. Can’t blame them much, but in the NFL you can’t do that very often and get away with it.

God, I hope Kerryon is okay. He woulda gone over 100 rushing yards IMHO.

Golladay is a beast.

The Lions do need a good slot receiver, gotta wonder why Powell was a healthy scratch. The other guy musta looked good in practice but he sure didn’t look too good today.

Great effort by the Lions D. Funchess helped by dropping 5 passes, TY.

ST play was pretty damn good on coverages. Good job pinning them back inside their 10 several times. Not much on our returns, but I don’t care as long as we don’t fumble it away.

I suppose Wagner didn’t play that bad overall, but man did he look like crap when Peppers beat him badly to sack Stafford. Decker doesn’t like he did before his injury last year.

What is with the opposing kickers?

Nice play by our D on that 2 point conversion attempt.

If the Lions play like that on Thursday they can beat the Bears. Gonna be tough to do if KeJo is out though, I think Blount is done. I’d rather give Zenner a shot.


Think what a beast he’d become after learning to run better routes.

This is the one thing keeping me from being too enthused about this win (other than the fact the goalpost gods are more responsible for the W than we are)

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Yea this team goes only when KJ is productive. Hope it’s not serious.

Stop blaming the opposing kickers. Blame BOINK, the goal post god.



I think Kerryon probably bruised or sprained the knee. Ive seen speculation that it could be ACL. Im doubting it for one reason. Cameras showed him walking down the tunnel. Now, Ive seen a few times someone tears a ligament, and walked off the field, but once you get to that table, they know if the ligament is gone. They then get carted off. If the Lions knew Kerryon’s ACL was gone, theres no way they let him walk down the tunnel.

I think Kerryon is for sure out Thursday, and probably against Arizona, unless that 10 days does him wonders.

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I think the same thing. We won’t have him Thanksgiving Day unfortunately, but I don’t think it’s a severe injury. I’ve seen partial tears in these instances, but I think it’s a deep knee bruise.

I think either a deep bruise, or a strained ligament, but I just dont see a tear. I dont post on twitter, but i want to reply to that Chao guy that the television cameras showed Johnson walking unaided down the tunnel. He said it looked like it could be ACL, but I dont think he saw the shot of him walking down the tunnel. Thats after being examined, I am 99% certain they can actually FEEL if the ACL is torn, the MRI just confirms the scope of damage. Ive seen guys walk off, but never walk down to the locker room unaided.

He was even walking on the sideline unattended for a while. I know all this is speculation and time could prove us wrong, but I’m with you.


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Galloday IS A BEAST!
Gonna start calling him Minitron!

Glad it’s “just” a sprain. Bummer KJ is going to miss the Thanksgiving game though

After watching the Min-Chi game tonight, the only way we are beating the Bears is by passing the ball, these guys don’t give up much on the ground. Need MJ back Thursday and the Oline to step up (tall task).

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Really, were you being sarcastic regarding the 2 pt play? Cause that dude was so WIDE OPEN, I was the closest guy to him and I was in the 2nd row of the end zone right behind the dude

The Panthers could not have played any worse.
Lions were lucky to get a W.
9 times out of 10 the Panthers win that game.

Cooter won’t have a clue in how to attack that defense.

Did you think Cooter would be able to attack Carolina’s defense?

No, and he never really was able to.

Panthers have looked really bad on the road this year. I thought we were going to get murdered after that last drive but kudos to the lions for playing well enough to get he W