Now that he's here

I understand why they took him, I thought there were better options. But, now that he’s here this is what I expect to see. Having both James and Hock allows you to run 2 TE sets and it diminishes the need for a number 3 WR AND Bevell likes 2 TE sets. I would still take one but I really liked Butler in the second and while I might still take him because Jones is, IMO, not here for much longer, the need isn’t as pressing. Lot’s of decent talent at WR in this draft so you can afford to wait.

We just went from having the worst TE’s in football, to at least a Top 5 group of TE’s this off season. I wasn’t worried when they let Ebron go, I was extremely worried that they seemingly didn’t care about the position with the pathetic group we hit the ground with to start last season, The fact is we still might have something in Roberts as well but he needs to step up when he’s given chances this year and there may not be many.

This is good news for the running game as well, we absolutely will have better blocking. Matt has always been able to sell play action even when we had no threat of a running game, this should help him too. While I liked other options, I can live with this.

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I like the pick and he was who I hoped they picked, you can’t win if you can’t score.

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I liked Oliver and Bush too, but, Hockenson just makes sense. The comparisons to Gronk…yeah, maybe? The comparisons to Witten are well founded, but notably, his collegate numbers are better than Gronks. Check!
There are no guarantees, but, he is the most polished TE to come out in years, and having played in a Pro Style offense in college gives him a solid foundation for the Lions to build on.
I don’t really know how anyone can not like what this pick brings the team.
Before we freak out about teams other needs, let’s see how the rest of the draft plays out.
We got a stud with our first pick.