O.C for the Lions

Who will be the Lions O.C or any ideas

I’m happy with DC now…

I’d still hope there’s a pace at the table for Bevell… but that’s me

Birkett mentioned in an article that Bevell won’t be retained. I think that ship sailed my friend. Hopefully he latches on to a new team and can prepare for a HC opportunity down the road.

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Looks like Bev went to the Jags. Good for him. I am rooting for Anthony Lynn as OC.


I am bummed but we can’t always get what we want

He will be a good balance for Meyers imho

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So it goes sometimes… I was there with ya, I liked him and appreciated his candor (not too much unlike Campbell’s) but maybe in hindsight it just wasn’t gonna happen, especially with a new GM and HC.

He was good for the team and probably (definitely) one of the few saving graces in his time here.

He’s a good dude and wish him the best.

Also wonder where all our other former coaches/gm will or won’t end up? The kool aid man, smartest man in the room, rogue guy with a slick haircut, Undlin?

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It’s a little odd that we’re actually full-on shopping for an OC right now. Dan comes to Detroit with only Glenn lined up as the DC? Any other coaches?

Saleh not only had Mike LaFleur lined up, but yet another 8 coaches in addition. In Dan’s defense, he did participate in the postseason this year.

Some of staff left with Lions are under contract maybe are GM an HC want to sit an talk to them before they reach for other coaches.

Once we have the DC an OC we can look at maybe keeping couple we have now.

Robert Prince WR coach Hank Fraley O Line Coach those two would be ok an there assistants

Did NYJ hire all of SF’s assistants though? There was a lot of talk about it but let’s wait and see who actually comes and goes following the coaches.
I think having a sure shot in Aaron Glenn was super important to DC and Spielman,have the offense being further ahead and more talented has led them to hold off and consider as many options as they can?

I started going through the list… Rob Calabrese was in Denver last year. LaFleur, Benton, Embree were in San Fran… I haven’t checked any more.

I don’t mind that they’re shopping for an OC and I really don’t mind if we don’t pilfer New Orlean’s staff. It’s just quite a contrast seeing NY announce the signing of 9 offensive coaches today.


Oh wow I missed them signing that many coaches… that is interesting.

Someone mentioned it another thread but nobody followed the former coach here… definitely speaks to both Saleh and DC they have people coming with them already. Will be interesting to see how the Lions staff fills out

I like it. Means he is going outside of his comfort zone, not all NO staff. Refreshing. Totally the opposite of Patricia, who in retrospect, had very few options, and needed to be sure he could control whomever he picked (Paul P., Undlin). God, I’m glad he’s gone.

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