O-line worries anyone?

I worry that our offense gets restricted production wise due to O-line issues , what do you think?

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I have nothing but o-line worries

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If our starting unit can get and stay healthy (Ragnow), I think our Oline will be a pleasant surprise.

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I agree with Charlie, if the starting OL stays healthy then our Offense will do fine. But the OL depth is kinda scary, so if they have to put too many backups out there then it could get ugly.

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Injury is the only worry I have. Performance is a close second. I don’t think any of the Olinemen have proven to be anything special, including Ragnow (but he was a rookie last season playing out of his normal position).


I’m not too worried.

We need to let them hit. More run plays. OLs are generally more comfortable when you’re not forcing them to pass pro 75%+ of the time.


If they stay healthy or only minor dings and with the help of the TEs I think they’ll be a lot better than people think. Depth is what i’m totally worried about

No one throws that much, highest percentage of pass plays called last year was GB @ 67%… Detroit threw it 60% of the time last year and 63% the year prior

I didn’t say we had unbalanced pass to run. I said we were in pass pro. Shotgun calls for pass pro.

Running out of shotgun is not preferred due to the limited number of plays you can run. It works better if you have a QB like Cam Newton or Russell Wilson (before he got paid) who can just run himself, but in 2016 (cite below) 84% of our plays were shotgun plays and draws to tiny little backs is going to make your run game look far worse than it would if you called a more traditional game.


Yes, this O-line worries me.

I worry about Jeff Davidson’s ability to coach a NFL Oline. He’s bounced around the NFL a lot. Having Bevell will help some in the run department but worry about pass pro.

Definitely worried. I’ll echo concerns about the coach as well. Ugh. The depth guys were completely lost out there. That calls Quinn into question as well. He set out to rebuild this thing yet added nobody, even in the face of a miserable 2018 season.

I’m reminded of the year we came back without changing the RB corp despite how abundantly clear it was that investment was required. Or the years the same could be said about DE, where he’s finally made a change this year via Flowers.

They will prove who they are this year. Are they who we saw in 2018 or are they who Quinn hopes they are?


Yeah it’s a big worry. If one starter is injured that’ll be a major problem. PFF recently rated the Lions O-line 14th in the league which is slightly above average.

I’d rate them in the 20’s but we could see some improvement because of the emphasis on the run game. It’s better to be the hammer than the nail.

they only kept Matt clean last game because Hock was pass blocking and helping the line almost the entire game.

Davidson has had a successful running game everywhere he’s been

The run game is still brutal, so yes I’m worried.

yeah bro but we are certainly improving under Bevell running the ball, somebody just had the percentages between Cooter and Bevell 2018 and 2019. (I just can’t recall who that poster is/was ).

Put me in as a little worried too. I am assuming next year we go o line in the earlier rounds again. You know positional coach I would like to see brought in? Brian Ferentz - Iowa. I think he could improve the TE group even more and give some input on o line as well. Also, former Patriot coach during their glory TE years. I think with all the TE talent coming out of Iowa, he knows what he is doing.

I see a few good players on the OL, but no pro bowler types. I think LT could use some improvement and maybe the person to do that is on the team today, and run blocking too. I’m a guy that is for drafting an OL within the first 3 rounds every year