Observations from NE game

-Most of these dudes won’t even be on the roster, but NE guys were clearly superior. Okay, so most of them will be cut…same with NE…Quinn brought these guys in. Did they have better talent, or were they more well coached, or some combination of the two?

  1. Agnew looks to be improved (at least against backups). Hope this trend continues. Nice depth at nickel CB, and if this guy ever manages to pick one, there is a high likelihood of him scoring.
  2. Decent first outing for Ty Johnson - would be awesome if he worked out.
  3. Tavai is so far, so good! Looks good against backups.
  4. Killebrew may be stepping up as more than a ST player
  5. Flashes of Powell being decent.

I’m not remembering much else.


Crosby and the whole OL looked terrible.

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Nobody expected perfection but disappointing is about as positive as I can get.

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Abousi will not make the team. He would need a miracle and for the team to have worse than Lions luck.
I hope we never have to use Dahl at tackle.
The defensive scrubs are horrid. Just terrible!
I’m losing faith in Killebrew. He’s a Special Teamer, and a desperation Safety or LB. Not much excuse for the TD he gave up.
Love our RB’s! I’ve always been an unwavering Zenner fan. The more I see from Ty, the more I like him. If he can run like that behind that line, imagine what he can do if we ever get a decent line. CJ is an upgrade over Blount. Not sure he’s better than ZZ or Ty, but, he’s great depth.
James showed why he is here.
Savage? Yeah, that’s how I would describe what the line allowed to happen to our backup QB! Bet he hopes he never plays behind those scrubs again. Was it 5 or 6 sacks in the first half?
Fales looks like he may be a decent backup, but, we’ll never be able to evaluate QB play behind that abomination of a line.
The WR’s? Who knows. Either none of them could get separation, or the QB’s just aren’t good enough to pass laying on their backs and running for their life. Have I mentioned the ridiculously bad online? Quin, Patricia, and Bevell should be thoroughly embarrassed, or bare assed and flogged putting those scrubs in a uniform and on any field. Maybe overalls and a farm field, but, I’m not sure they’d have the strength to cut that.
To summarize, I thought Jessie James and the RB’s played well.
Oh, and Sam Martin may have real competition.
I can’t imagine there being a reason for wasting my time watching this shit again.

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Reports are that Sam Martin punts have a full second more hang time. Really looking like he’s returned to form.

Yeah, my biggest disappointments were that most of these dudes are getting cut from both teams, so to me it is drafting and coaching. I still have faith in Quinn. I lean more toward putting it on coaching. In their defense, Patriots have the same system for 20 years, so every remaining player from last year is a low-level coach…but yeah…there shouldn’t be that big of a difference.

Also, I really wanted Harris and Oruwariye to show up against backups. In watching their college film, I felt like they both have high ceilings. Great measurable, but looked like they rely on talent (obviously can’t do that in the NFL).

Definitely not time to freak out, but last night was rough.

Any word on Zenner? He got dinged up, right? Hope he’s okay.

This is what was said about Zenner in an article about injuries over at PoD:

In the second half, Zenner came off the field following a special teams play and went into the trainer’s tent. It’s unclear what sort of injury Zenner was dealing with, but he returned to the sideline with his helmet on. Though he never returned to the game after that, it appeared he was cleared if the coaching staff had wanted to put him in.

The guy I’m worried about is Savage, Fales just ain’t gonna cut it IMHO, unless he has all day to throw the ball. Which ain’t gonna happen too often around here, not unless the Lions find a better guy at LG than Wiggins. I was hoping for Dahl to step up, we’ll see what happens next week in Houston.

All I gotta say is this

Backup QB Third QB, All Night Long From Everyone!

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For you non CryptoLinguists, that would be;