OC - Anthony Lynn nearing agreement


Not mad at it because of his HC experience, but there was definitely more upside out there.

Definitely lower floors too.

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I’m in favor. The guy struggled with game management as a HC. Has great skills for a coordinator, though.

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That would be huge!!!

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Interesting history.

A guy often becomes a HC because he’s an excellent coordinator. I thought Lynn had more experience as an OC. Lynn only had 1 year as an OC.

Buffalo led the nfl in rushing in 2016

… by a large margin.

3rd worst in passing, however

This is primarily who he was working with on the field.

He does have a well rounded experience with rb’s and assistant HC duties as well.

HC: Campbell
OC: Lynn
DC: Glenn



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What kind of offense does he run? Anyone know?

Sorry, but that’s what I care about.

Yeah I’m hyped for this one. I thought he should be given a shot at HC. This is just as good to me.


This guy was a Disaster in LA…Time Management is not a skillset he possesses…I know, I live here !! - GOALPOST

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Lol, ok.

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Let’s go! Pumped about this hire! This is the experience we needed and everyone kept talking about. 4 years as a head coach with a winning record, even won a playoff game! Something we have never done in 30 years…haha.


When asked what he wants his offensive identity to be, Lynn responded, “I want to play smart, physical football. I want to be explosive down the field… We’re going to play a little bit faster and see if we can put a little pressure on the defense. Just execute.”


If he does not belive in throwing the football because it’s what the modern game is now, I absolutely hate this hire.

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Say what you want, but Campbell has knocked it out of the park with these two coordinator hires.


Like I get being able to run it and being run first, but it seems like KC, TB, GB, and BUF can all throw the football.

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As a former RB, the run figuring heavily into his approach eh? Okok - I’ll check out this article, but the headline seems strange given that he’s also been given some credit for streamlining Herbert’s development ?..

Saw “expect a ton of running” somewhere

F- hire for me. His offense isn’t modern. Name 1 good team with a non-modern passing attack.

No, my reaction to the article was about how wrong it was with Herbert in his system for clarification.