This is a guy I think I like at that 18 spot, I know the value thing will come in to play with some.

"in 14 games and played a total of 859 snaps for the Cajuns. He allowed 10 QB hurries, no QB hits, and not a single sack while playing most of his snaps at left guard.

As a sophomore in 2020 he played in 11 games and a total of 701 snaps. He conceded just 2 QB hurries, no QB hits, and no sacks while playing at right guard

2021 as a junior Torrence saw action in 12 games and totaled 807 snaps. He gave up 4 QB hurries, one QB hit, and no sacks while playing most of his snaps at right guard.

as a senior Torrence saw action in 11 games and played a total of 698 snaps for the Gators. He allowed a solid 8 QB hurries, no QB hits, and once again no sacks while playing at right guard."

That is 3065 snaps and they put there hands on his QB 1 time.
He has 1 QB hit and 0 sacks in 3065 snaps over 4 years.

He is the kinda of Olineman every QB wants in front of him.

And yet he is a better run blocker. That’s checking alot of boxes.

As far as the whole mover thing. 3065 snaps and touching the QB 1 time seems he he been moving pretty well.


Wouldn’t surprise me because Holmes loves lineman. Drafted Hutch, Sewell, Levi, Paschal and Alim all in rounds 1-3 the past 2 years and extended Ragnow was 1 of his first moves.


The issue for me isn’t the player. I like Torrence quite a bit and would love him with one of our 2nd round picks. I realize he likely won’t be there, but if we you take a guard at 18 he better be Zack Martin/Quentin Nelson good or damn close. Outside of RB, guard is probably the easiest position to find solid players later in the draft. The only guard I’d consider at 18 is Skoronski and I doubt he is there.


The O line is the identity of this team, the straw that stirs the drink. It would make a strength, stronger. My only reservation is that I’m a big Bijan guy and I don’t think they take 2 offensive players in round one. I think it’s possible they take him and I wouldn’t hate it, but I’m on team Bijan so if it’s only one of them I’d prefer him.


Worth your time if you love Carter or Torrence.

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I could TOTALLY see something like this happening. Our OL is SO responsible for SO much of our success.


I would welcome Torrence easily at 18. Will make it much easier to move on from Jonah Jackson after tagging him one time next year.


I’ve beat the drum for him for like the last four months so I have no issue with this at all.


So we agree?
Carter 1A
Torrence 1B
Gibby 2A
Best CB 2B

LOL - Holmes is gonna surprise us all.


He’s Brad Holmes. It’s what he does.


Witherspoon and Branch before Torrence for me. But I love Torrence as a plan C!


Winners do what they want!
Winners win!



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I truly doubt Carter is there….

That said…. I’m all over IOL early!!!

Funny thing is that if the Lions traded down from #6, and a 2nd…. Drafted Bijan and Torrence or Skoronski at #18…. Then grabbed a WR at #81 and a TE rd 5…. Yes they would have spend most of their resources on offense….

Our offense is our strength, and our OL is the foundation. Even my Goff-supporting ass knows he needs to stay on schedule… that said- watching Mahomes in 20’, Burrow the last 2 years, and Stafford this year kind off indicates all QBs need to be upright!

Bijan > Swift
Torrence >>>>>> Big V or Brown
AT Perry = Chark

  • that’s less than 11M AAV to really refuel the offense, and either OL guy should be able to play LG or RG…

We’d be left with our current 2 second rounders and the one we’d get from Carolina (#61)

If we asked our top draft gurus (Thats2, Curious, others) to give us a DT, LB, and SS in round 2….

D Henley
Sydney Brown
K Benton

  • add Cam Sutton and Marcus Peters in FA

Isn’t that enough help on defense if we really bolster the offense?

Let’s not ignore- Swaggy is 28, and a free agent… Swift is one year left and unreliable…. Big V is 30, expensive, and really unreliable, Chark is a free agent, Jackson has 1 year left at LG, Raymond and Reynolds have one year left……

Not to mention Goff isn’t extended, Decker is 30 this year, and has 2 years left….

Goff, ASB, Sewell, Jamo, Ragnow, Decker- that’s our offense with 2 years left…

When you consider there doesn’t seem to be defenders worth taking early in 1 this year, and there might be super elite offensive players, it’s worth considering.

  • wanting an 8-10 sack DT who can defend the run, and there being one are two different things…. Very different. Wanting a shutdown press man corner with NFL size and speed, and there being one are also very different….

I think he is very much in play for the Lions. I believe we will add an OG and RB from this draft and the rest will likely go on Defense if possible.

I firmly believe the Lions want to build the strongest OL at all possible. Goff is best when he’s got a solid pocket in front of him and OG has been a weak link on our OL. I expect them to address it this offseason.


I have a question if you need a position an the best at that position is sitting right there why would you take some other position .
With this idea of value. Now I understand why you don’t when yo don’t need a position.

But if he is the best OG an we need a OG why would you pass on him ?

We need CB help so lets say we have one take already an just maybe we get a UFA but miss on UFA OG why wouldn’t we take him at 18 ?

I have problem with this value can’t take OG that early crap we we pass on him an another team takes him few picks later explain the why thats OK

First worry about players when its time as a fan. One season at a time . I have seen many comments about how GB will rebuild this season an they are going into cap hell. They are just one example of problems teams have with cap.

Jonah Jackson he is main UFA 2024 that I would say is a must to get back an we can do that. Swift he is not likely to be back the rest either one year deals or short term time is done.

You post as if we will not keep a Decker of Goff or Rag not sure why you think that? You know when they come up for new deal the amount they were paid the last year of contract comes off the books.

One example based on cap right now. $19,100,000 Decker in 2024. He will be 32 lets say he is still playing at close to his top level an wants to continue You think he will want same I doubt it he may take half an be swing backup . We have no idea how he will play in couple years if he wants to keep playing that goes for Rag also You list Rag he is UFA in 2027 an your worried now?

Lets deal with are team one season at a time . I know you do a lot of work but if you want to look ahead start in September. When you know who we have.

I like Torrence but I think other teams will value him more than we will. He is very good at setting the pocket, man up run blocking, and even pulling into cross line traps. What he doesn’t do well is get to the 2nd level and get a LB or DB. He is just not very good in space. Our run schemes for a RG are usually a double team at the point of attack and then slip to the 2nd level and take out the LB. It’s a basic scheme that the Browns run well but the key is having guards that get to the 2nd level. This is why I value Skoronski so high as I’m sure other teams do also. because he can engage in space.

This o line we have built is addicting. It is the first time I have seen the Lions build such a dominant o line. The results are pretty impressive based upon how our offense did last year. I would not be mad at continuing to build the o line. I know it isn’t flashy, but having a stout o line makes such a massive difference.

I really am starting to believe the old saying of games are won and lost in the trenches.

I get the Bijan hype. I also would love to have him, I am a sucker for a good RB. I am so torn on that pick at 18. Guess we gotta just see how the draft plays out.

P.S. I have full faith in Holmes and Dorsey to make the right decision.

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