Odell Cut…

I remember at the time when he was waived, it was kind of a no brainer pick up for the Lions. We needed a play maker at a position that lacked that presence.

Fast forward and he look fantastic for Rams in the playoffs and probably moving forward. We could have traded him this off season or kept him. Someone remind me again why we didn’t put the waiver claim in for him. What am I missing?

He openly and blatantly said “I am not going to play for another losing team.”

So that’s probably why.


Probably should have claimed him just to protect our draft pick from the Rams. LOL


His salary for the rest of the year would have been $7.5M . . . after he went unclaimed he signed for the Rams for $1.75M. Plus his salary due in 2022 and beyond $15M each year would have probably have made it hard to trade him. He’ll be a UFA and I doubt he makes $15M APY on new contract.

He was in his late 20’s, putting up 23 catches for 319 yards and acting like a turd during his last year (7 games worth) in Cleveland. He said he wasn’t going to go to any loser teams. Not exactly a no brainer signing for us at the time. It worked out for the Rams. I do not think he would have been the same guy here. He’d be forcing a trade right now more than likely. But who knows. We never will.


Im surprised nobody did exactly that.

He’s player that needs the locker room to keep his attitude. He probably has the best body control and hands of any WR EVER in the history of the game…but…he needs the situation to be right to keep his attitude right. He is influenced, not the influencer.

Detroit was a terrible fit for him at the time.
Fox would have ended up kicking that dude’s ass once or twice a week.

5D chess.
Smarter than the rest of us.

…also smarter than the rest of us. LOL

OBJ wanted off a team that was in the AFC North hunt. The Lions were 0-8 at the time Odell was cut. If he was complaining about being on a team that was in the playoff hunt, he wouldn’t have come here even if claimed.

And, the Browns certainly didn’t miss him–at least not initially:

Browns beat the Bengals 41-16 the day before he was released.

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