Offensive holding up 60% leaguewide

Packers may not win another game …

But jokes aside, what’s your thoughts on that obvious trend?


Niiice! Get the refs out of it! Do it all from a group of Tibetan Monks, via video, and from multiple camera angles. They won’t be fans of either team, won’t even know the rules of the game, but will be masters at 2 things - Knowing what holding looks like & honesty (which is even amplified by their unbiased view)

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I think defensive players are being coached to draw holding penalties and the refs need to factor that in.

An O-lineman grabs a player insider and has made a great block. The defender, knowing he’s beaten and has no chance to make a play, spins and then throws his hands up in the air to grab the attention of the ref. Flag gets thrown.

Same with the questionable “block in the back” on kick/punt returns. A defender that spins/turns into a block in the back shouldn’t get the call.


Holding is up 0%, holding calls are up 60%.


I read the NFL competition committee requested that holding penalties should be called more strict coming into this season. And that’s exactly what we’re getting. Surprising since you figure they’d want to keep the QBs from getting killed since they are the $$$ makers of the league.

I think it’s a bad thing short term but a good thing long term. Teams like GB we’re teaching players to hold in a manner that rarely gets called. Holding is holding. Also come CB’s hold way too much as they press the WR’s. Ultimately reducing separation. It’s gonna suck short term but open the game up long term.


So basically they decided to call holding like normal on the Packers, and that accounts for the first 50% of the rise in holding. Then 30 other teams spread out the other 10%.

Cowboys still get to hold. The league would be up 150% if they started calling the Cowboys for holding.


In my opinion it’s more likely that they will completely back off the number of holding calls now that it’s getting so much media attention than that the GOAT has chimed in. So we’ll simply see more and more of the star teams not getting called and the loser teams calls against them.


OMG, you are right - NBA flopping has arrived in the NFL.

Damn it.

I quit watching NBA because of that shit.


Just like they want LeBron to score 40, so they put him on the foul line 25 times/night. Ridiculous. All about $$

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I agree. People complain about change, not thinking it may be for the better.

Once teams get used to the strict interpretation, holds will go down.

Are there stats about who is committing the holds? Are there, for example, more committed by WRs and away from the line too?

This link doesn’t give specific positional breakdowns but I thought it might be interesting material or others to view


Now that they can challenge defensive holding they had to crack down.

I think rule changes like this make it harder for Officials to effect the game.

Just throwing this out for S&G, but it could be that DL guys are so much quicker and stronger in recent years that the slower OL guys are getting beat more often and so they reach and grab so their QB doesn’t get clobbered and they hope the refs don’t see it.

Maybe, but I think the holding was there always. They’re just calling it tighter.

Maybe it’s to give back to the defense a little since all their rules lately have favored offense?

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One difference I’m going to say I’ve noticed in recent years was offensive lineman were getting away with more holding than ever. This could be a crackdown on what they allowed to happen over the last few years. A correction.


Hope you’re right, brother.

The G.O.A.T. spoke Thursday during the Titans-Jag’s game. Said he had to turn the game off because of the excessive Flags and marginal Holding calls. Let’s see this Sunday, if the League Office sends out a Suggestion or two to Game Officials, regarding the excessive number of Flags Called.


What I fear is this won’t be a correction to equality. It will be a vehicle for even more extreme selective enforcement. And I would be willing to wager Green Bay is still allowed to hold, putting their opponents at an even bigger disadvantage

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