Official 2021 NFL Draft Day Two Discussion Thread

A few hours before day two starts.

Lions day one selection @ 7OA - Penei Sewell


It’s ok to make a guess but if you post results before they are officially announced then a mod will give you a weekend break from the Den.


Have fun and Go Lions!

What position will the Lions draft in round two?
  • OL
  • QB
  • WR
  • TE
  • RB
  • DL
  • LB
  • CB
  • S
  • ST

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Here’s a link to the day one thread if anyone wants to read it … lol

I miss the one day draft.


This would be my top ten of the remaining available players:

-1. JOK
-2a. Elijah Moore
-2b. Moehrig
-4. Samuel Jr.
-5. Jenkins
-6. Barmore
-7. Holland
-8. Rondale Moore
-9. Ojulari
-10. Tyson Campbell

I could see the Lions trading back 7-8 spots after seeing the draft fall out in front of them, picking up a 4th rounder to do so. Safeties and WR’s could be had a little later assuming Moehrig is off the board.

Probably showing my age: but does anybody else miss the old draft music when they showed the player highlights on ESPN after a pick? I think they used it on NFL Primetime too.


Linebacker has got to be the most screaming need on this team…so either JOK (if he’s still there) or Azeez out of GA (nice bybrid LB/Pass rusher player)…if those guys are gone, DT Barmore or S Moehrig from TCU. Regardless, they literally NEED a day one starter on D with the 2nd rd pick…and imo, all four of those guys could. Buuuut, IF they go offense, a WR is a no-brianer…Marshall out of LSU has stud potential and is my first choice, size and speed, 6’ 3" 201, 4.4 speed…especially if he’s cleared physically…Golladay replacement right there.


Ian Rapoport


· Apr 29

Some names who could be picked earlier than anticipated: — #Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz — #Oklahoma C Creed Humphrey — Northern Iowa OL Spencer Brown — #Oregon S Jevon Holland — #NotreDame OT Liam Eichenberg

Ian Rapoport



A few more to keep an eye on early today: — #Stanford C Drew Dalman (whose OL coach in college Kevin Carberry is now with the #Rams). — #Purdue LB Derrick Barnes — #Washington DT Levi Onwuzurike — UW-Whitewater OL Quinn Meinerz — #PSU TE Pat Freiermuth

I REALLY want Nick Bolton.

Also want Terrace Marshall


What makes the process difficult is that we don’t know what the Lions draft board looks like and how they have the players stacked.

For example, they may focus on WR or S in Round 2 because they have a group of LBs they like in Round 3. We’re focusing on a particular draft slot without being able to see the big picture.

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If Tevin Jenkins is there, I envision the brass asking him if he would like to play guard. His response, “Wait, I can play in space !?!”

New profile pic, for like 3 hours.

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Very true…but I’d be shocked if JOK isn’t their #1 guy on the board if he’s there…but any players after that, really is a bunch of guess work on the outside looking in/predicting.

just miss booing goodell

My ideal Day 2…

41 - Nick Bolton
72 - Kellen Mond
101 - Deonte Brown

Not all of that is going to happen. I realize one player will probably be a receiver.

I could see Lions taking a QB with their 3rd rounder. Get a good two year developmental behind Goff.

2nd rd pick options: LB of either JOK, Azeez, Bolton, S Moerhig, DT Barmore, WR Marshall
3rd rd options: LB Cox, WR Rondell or Elijah Moore, or Nico Collins

Any combo of these players would be epic.

That’s probably my worst case scenario. Bolton is fine although a slight reach depending on who’s left then a developmental QB and a guard with the two 3rds? Eww

RapSheet reported Jets could be trading out of #34.

Dallas and their 10 remaining picks would make sense as one potential suitor to move up and get Moehrig.

Going from 34 to 44 probably worth a third rounder.