Official Aliens Are Finally Here Thread

I’m supremely disappointed in all of you that this hasn’t been created yet. Especially you, @Weaselpuppy


If you’re not in the know, US fighter jets shot down a UFO in Canada earlier tonight. One day after shooting down a UFO on the border of Canada. And Montana air space was shut down earlier for reasons that haven’t been explained.


But Twitter is having a blast with it …


After a toad session or 2, I see UFO’s all the time up here in Canada!

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Radar images are popping up….


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Dan Campbell just got shot down?

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They’ve been here for thousands of years, yo.

News Flash

Atlantis sank. Film at 11.


Oh, and what the living hell does the Canadian Minister of Self Defense actually do? I mean, apparently you just pick uo the phone and call USAF/USN…

I mean, besides take a promotion to French Supreme Commander…


So many questions that seem like could be answered right now that aren’t. Makes me doubt we’re going to get full transparency on any of this.

How fast was it moving?

Did it appear to have any maneuvering ability?

Did it appear to have a propulsion system or was it just floating like a balloon?

Where are the pictures?

If the pilots got close enough to determine that the one over Alaska was unmanned why aren’t we getting any more details?

How close did they get and how did they determine that it was unmanned?

And again, where are the pictures?


Are they bald?
I wanna be the alien/human liaison


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Maybe those aliens can take Aaron Rodgers on a permanent “darkness trip” I hear outer space is pretty dark and is quiet since there’s nothing to push sound in a literal vacuum.

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Has anybody been abducted and got the anal probe?


I do genuinely believe in aliens at this point. I used to think ufo’s/uap’s were just science fiction but there’s far too much legitimate evidence at this point to think that way anymore.

The tic tac, gimbal, go fast and other evidence released by the pentagon in addition to thousands of eyewitness accounts like the Phoenix lights leave little room for arguments against the probability we are not alone… even here on this planet.

We can only speculate on their purpose at this point.

If they were evil, i think we would likely be destroyed by now. Or enslaved/farmed like livestock for food and labor purposes (essentially how humans treat animals on this planet for the most part).

If they were kind and here to broadly help humans i don’t think they would be so secretive and camouflaged.

Perhaps we are an experiment? Kind of like space odyssey 2001. Did they identify the ape as the alpha life form and give it a genetically increased intelligence? Did they give us basic tools and religious ideologies as a guideline on how to advance towards being a universal species one day?

Perhaps they are simply focused on our planet and its resources? For example, perhaps they can turn a single drop H2O into enough fuel for their fleets to traverse the universe for thousands of years. They found earth, are taking the resources they need while otherwise just studying us and the planet in general while they do so to ensure we don’t destroy their water mine (ie Fukashima/oil spills/plastic).

So many questions. So few answers.

Please let them be peaceful… even if we shoot them down. Although, i have a hard time believing we’d be capable of shooting them down. :thinking:

But if we decide to start a fight with something capable of traveling through space we’re going to be on the wrong end of a very big stick.

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Lots of talk/reporting on UFO’s/Balloons.
Makes me wonder what I should really be looking for.


I’m not typically the conspiracy theory guy, but I wonder why these things are being released to the press. The military and CIA don’t typically brief the public on what’s going down in their world. Why now?


In today’s world of technology we have nothing more than grainy bad photo’s and videos.

I can go on google earth right now and see better pictures of my house (I can see the sign in my front yard from getting my new roof put on). You can ID the make and model of the cars on my street.


I never knew the name of these lights. I have seen lights similar to these (back around 2008), and I am not by any means a “UFO nut”. No idea if there are aliens, although there is a part of my brain that says it would be incredibly arrogant of humans to believe we are completely alone in the realm of life, especially after seeing the grandeur of our universe through the Humble/JWTS pics. Unless, a person has absolute faith in biblical creationism, and then this would not be the case, which I can respect. My brain works in an incredibly analytical way (hence, I am a systems analyst by trade). This is the primary reason I struggle with religion and faith (not looking to argue about this, it is a personal struggle), I like questions with objective solutions. Anyway, the lights left me at a complete loss in my rational brain. They were miles in the night sky, moved at a moderate pace, stopped and sat for maybe 50 secs - 1 minute and then darted off at an incredibly high speed in a set pattern. I am not saying it was aliens, but it was definitely a UFO. I’m not ready to say, “Yep, those were aliens”, but I’m also not ready to say, “Nope, those weren’t aliens.” They were just one of the few things I cannot rationalize away in either direction. It’ll probably take one standing directly in front of me for me to make my decision. Lol


I’m just worried that the Aliens have sided with China