*** Official Bears vs Lions 11/19/23 Game Day thread ***

I’m going to read future posts out loud before I press send :neutral_face:


please no…. that was amazing!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

You’re definitely a good sport… and it’s awesome to have a true lady amongst us to cheer on our team!!! :100:

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I think I might stop over at the Vikings board and see what they have to say… it should be lots of fun.

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Why? Bc of that long td? That was not on him…that was a coverage mistake by kerby…when a corner lags just as jacobs did on that play he is playing the underneath bc he thinks he has over the top help…ie kerby…kerby has done this a few times…its an issue.


Did Jared Goff have a concussion !?? seriously never seen him play that bad

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He is a nice player… not that different from Swaggy, Buggs, J Reynolds, Comish and what Anzalone “used to be.”

He’s expected to be a CB2, and that’s not what he is. As a CB3, he’s fine but we really didn’t have a stable CB2 solution from the jump- given the injury situation Moseley had to start the year.

I like the kid- I also doubt he has back to back seasons with 14 plus starts and 70 plus pff ratings ever in his career.

You never answered the question. What play are you referring to? Bc fields didn’t do crap through the air except for that td to Moore. There is no tape in this game that supports the assertion your making about him, unless you are incorrectly blaming him for the moore td…

Also you underestimate how much dan loves the kid. To dan this kid is vital.

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While I certainly am aware that this is a thing, what I really want to emphasize would be two things…
#1. This was reminiscent of some really bad games with really bad teams during really bad times.
#2. Among fans that have been through the gamut with this club, you’re likely to see some really, really raw emotion expressed during the game. I’ve learned to appreciate what it is, fanaticism. An all-out infatuation with a team that makes the highs really high and lows really low. There was a point some years ago during the Caldwell era where I really embraced how passionate others were, even when it was their dissatisfaction most expressed.

It’s with that lens that I view today. Were there tomatoes thrown? Yes. Does it make the victory any less enjoyable? Nah. Not really.

No receipts on game-day.

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I’m not underestimating anything brother. He’s not McDuffie, Snead, Slay, Bradberry, etc.

I also believe Dan loves him, I like him a lot 2, but he and Sutton as CB1 and CB2 is as weak a starting combo as anything division leader has.

If you can’t see we are paying and counting on 3-4 guys on the D, that might not be starter material, then I can’t help ya.

Sorsdal isn’t a starter- he’s starting because Jackson AND Big V are out.

Oh man. I was driving so I had to listen to the game on the radio. I’ll just say…I’m REALLY glad to have not been on the board during today’s game :joy: yall are something else

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You have yet to answer the question. what play said to you he isnt a starter…after all your posts is about observations from the game. He is a starter. And yes, everyone is aware that there are 3-4 starters who shouldnt be starters. Not one player other then mcniel and hutch are starters on that defensive line. Jacobs IS a starter. Period.

I don’t usually quote myself, but when I do I am glad everyone is feeling a wee bit better.


Can’t believe nobody liked my bear joke.

Priorities, Denizens…priorities.

Oh…and the Seahags can kiss the crustiest part of my woolly Ram ass…

@Phunnypharm & @maggie.m

Love and appreciate you guys!

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The worse thing about this scenario is that it is forcing Barnes out of position at the SAM, that causes two players to be sub-power. Barnes needs to be left at the MIKE.


I took some exception last year when you were adamant he should be in over Rodrigo, but I thought for a rookie Rodrigo was okay. Barnes flashed but was inconsistent as hell.

Ironically Barnes seems to have settled in and gotten more consistent, and now Jack looks like Barnes did as a rookie… well a little better but not much.

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I actually kinda agree… yet we just keep winning so there’s that :laughing:

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