Prediction: Bucs 49, Lions 2

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Expecting our defense to get a safety is a little optimistic, don’t you think?


We did it last week. Lets do it again!

Especially since we got our safety of the decade vs the titans

34-28 TB

52-12 TB

Depends on how long they wait to start resting starters.
Lions - 24
Bucs - 49

Possibly. It’s more likely a bad snap and we lucked into 2 points.

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Bucs 47 Lions 13

Julian Okwara is going to play today

Tampa Bay -9.5 = Free money being given away by Vegas to help you recover from your holiday spending.

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TB 12’s 49 SOL’s 24…

If we outscore them, we win!

Right?! :thinking::flushed:

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Where are you still seeing it at 9.5?

Is the game on NBC? There is a soccer game on🤷

Lions went from 7.5-point underdogs to 9.5-point underdogs after losing several coaches (msn.com)

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Ah, it’s currently at 12 points. I thought you were still seeing it live at 9.5

NFL Network I think. I stream them

So, by my math –

Our back up coaches = 2 points per game. We need to do some analytics on this A.S.A.P.

I could be on to something…