*** Official game day thread. Lions vs Jets ***

I’m going to get this thread started early mainly because I want to take a closer look at the matchup and get everyone’s thoughts on the upcoming game.

Personally I think this game will really sum things up for us. We turned down Saleh and chose Campbell to be our HC and now we get to see them in a head to head matchup.

The Lions offense has averaged 33 points a game over the last 3 games. So the Lions offense is on a roll and will be one of the NYJ defense toughest matchups all season.

Meanwhile the NYJ offense has averaged just 22 points a game over the last 3 games.

The NYJ defense however has given up just 19 points a game all season including the last 3 games. It’s been a very consistently stingy defense all season. It won’t be hard to score against them. The jets pass defense has been one of the best all season so they won’t be easy to pass on.

Meanwhile the Lions defense has been one of the easiest to score on all season. Giving up nearly 27 points a game on average but lately they’ve been considerably better giving up just 22 points a game.

I think the key to this game is playing smart football. We can’t lose the turnover or penalty battle and Dan C. Shouldn’t be going for it on 4th down as often as he does. It could really get him into trouble this game. I think that if the Lions play smart, mistake free football that they will win this game. I do not think the NYJ have the fire power to outscore us as long as we don’t make mistakes.

I’m expecting a lower scoring close game.

Lions 23 NYJ 20


24 10 Lions


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This is it in a nutshell. Some are actually drunk and claiming it won’t even be close. Stop. The Jets have the #3 defense in the league for a reason. They are just a good old-fashioned beat you up defense.

I’ll expound on your point by saying play smart and mistake free between the 20s. Play ULTRA smart and mistake free in the red zone. Lions are #1 in red zone efficiency for a reason. Keep that going. In fact I think the J-Will fumble against the Cowboys is the only real mistake they’ve made this year.

Additionally, this game is equally important to both teams. Lions - #9 seed in NFC. Jets - also #9 seed. They want it just as bad as the Lions and they both get paid to play.

Furthermore, I’m “confident”, but not so convinced win this game and it’s a cake-walk the rest of the way. People need to remember the NFC is terrible this year, but only the Bears are out. Lions are #9 seed. Packers are #10 and Panthers are #11; two of the last three games, both on the road.

Saying this is a huge game tomorrow is still unjustly understating it.


This could be the earliest game day thread ever.


tomorrow, some intangible will happen for us…either a pick-six… a pr/kr score… something like that… blocked FG/punt? fumble/ dropped punt?

Lions will win at the margins in small ways, as well as OL beating them up.
Pressure over time.


23 - 6 Lions



I think this is a very INTERESTING match-up for numerous reasons.

  1. The undercard match-up not being discussed is the Lions Defense against Zach Wilson, with the sub story of whether the Jets crowd turns on Wilson again. The Lions defense has been giving up a lot of yards, but has an opportunity to put the screws to this Jets offense if they can get some quick three and outs and get the Jets crowd to turn on Wilson.

  2. Can Brown deliver? We’ve been waiting for Evan Brown to get back and fill the hole at RG for weeks. Is he 100%? Can he be the linchpin that reignites the Lions power run game between the tackles?

  3. Free agent preview of Jets DT Sheldon Rankins, who is a pet favorite of mine going into offseason shopping :shopping: from a fit and value standpoint. Tomorrow you should get a good look and tell me what you think :thinking:

I really think the Lions ability to get consistent Rip4 runs between the tackles is what’s going to decide this game. Just like a good old fashioned heavyweight match, the Lions need to take their time and bust up the Jets defense from the inside, get them to drop their gloves, and BAM with a left hook. In this case, get them to drop 8 in the box and airmail some shots to Williams and Chark. Winning that interior running game could prove :key: to the game.


Brown is more known for his pass blocking, so I’m hoping for an upgrade there against a very good Jets pass rush.

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What’s the word on Ragnow?

I’m thinking at least 2 int in NY’s end of the field. I only see Jets scoring 17 points.

Edit to add: If AO is on the field, I see 2- 80+ yard TD’s for the Jets.


Absolutely cannot give the Jets any easy scores. Make them earn every point and I think we win. Williams either won’t be playing or won’t be his usually dominant self. The Jets have a Thursday game so I’m thinking they rest Williams and hope he’s ready for the Jags.

This is a DC 101 game. Play smart and limit the mistakes and I think we have a good shot. I watch a lot of Jets football and that defense flys around and they hit. Much rather face Wilson than White as well. Hoping we play like we did against the Giants the last time we played in NY.



The jets are going down like i went doen on k-lo

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We’re too good not to score 17 especially without Quinnen Williams for them, and Zach Wilson makes it unlikely they’ll get past 17…

We’re going to have to be able to run the ball and capitalize when Wilson hands the ball to us on a silver platter. Shut down their run game and they’ll panic. We just need one more drive that Ben Johnson can cook up that ends in points.

Lions 23-17 Jets

Just win the game. Keep all our momentum headed into Carolina. Let us have another week of hope and kool-aid drinking.


I bet on the exact final.score being lions 28 jets 17 at +50000


I think Lions win this game handedly and make a statement. Not worried about there defense because our offense is every bit as good as there defense. Will be up 10 or more by the 1/2.


Wow, “The Other Pregame Show” just had a segment which asked which team is more likely to WIN a playoff game….Lions or Vikings?

All but 1 said the Lions. Yes, they chose the team which is still outside looking in instead of the team that just clinched the Division Title yesterday.

Just about spilled my Dunkin Donuts coffee lol. I love it, but I digress.

Today’s game will be a heavyweight fight.

Punch and counterpunch. We MUST establish the run game, disguise coverage well against Wilson, and limit our TO as well as force some TO on them.

I feel pretty confident and do believe we can win by 10+. Let’s GO LIONS!


Zach Wilson has 94 yards rushing on 24 carries which equals 3.9 YPC. While he is a threat to run I don’t think it’s something that needs to be worried about. They are going to be playing from behind the whole game imo.

Think today is on Swift and ARSB. They have great secondary and D line so its around their LBs that we can win. I’m still not sold on Swift, seems too happy to skip tough tackles, but i hope he proves me wrong today.