*** Official Gameday Thread ***

Sounds like I am only one that likes the uniforms

I like the hurry up. Just gotta run a route beyond the marker there

Nauta has to get past the sticks on his route there. Not sure whether that’s play call or execution though. Stafford ball placement sucked as well.

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Love em

You’re not the only.

Come on Nauta. Get past the markers. Happens too often.

helmet get him? he’s in some pain…

That looked painful

Damn close to a fumble

Very painful.

On the other side, impressed to see the first defender there actually get the tackle

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Kind of looked like a fumble…worth a review?

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should have been, doubt it thou.

Some good 1 on 1 tackles today

Knowing our luck they probably blew the whistle and nullified any score

Open sh!t up, Bevell.

Just like I suspected, a defense of battle…

The deep ball hasn’t been there for Stafford this year.

That Swift isn’t our feature back at this point is asinine.


Hall had that little stutter-step or he would have got there…