***Official Lions vs Cowboys Game Day thread 2023***

Let’s get the talk started.

So we have some interesting matchups this week vs Dallas.

Like our 5th ranked passing offense and Dallas 5th ranked defense. The key here is to not turn the ball over to a Cowboys pass defense that is aggressive and opportunistic. Win the turnover battle and the Lions will win this matchup.

The Lions 3rd ranked run game that’s averaging 140 yards a game vs the cowboys 19th ranked run defense that is giving up 115 yards a game. But over the last 3 weeks they’ve given up 154 yrds a game. I highly expect the Lions to run the ball frequently and use their run game to keep the boys offense off the field as much as possible. The Lions should win this matchup too.

In the flip side the Cowboys run offense has hovered around average and the Lions run defense has been top 5. I expect that to continue this week.

My concern comes in with the Cowboys passing offense that has been top 5 most of the season vs the Lions pass defense that has been below average all year. If the Cowboys are smart they will be attacking for chunk yardage in the air.

The Cowboys break has some interesting opposing fans insight on the match-up. Take a look.

I think this game is close and the Lions will cover and I like our odds to win the game.

Lions 31-Cowboys 27


This team doesn’t lose in the all whites.

Lions by a million!

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Here’s a stat line we’re going to want to pay attention to at the start of the game.

The Cowboys are 9-0 when scoring first and 1-5 when opponents score first.

The Cowboys don’t play as well from behind. So the Lions need to score first and put them on their heals.


Its 2:30am and I CANNOT GET ANY SLEEP!

This is going to be one long ass day…


Me too …. I can’t stop thinking about this matchup.

The more I think about it the more. I think we can win.

Honestly I think the thread I started early this week about the Cowboys wearing down after week 12 is the biggest reason I think we can win. Read my conclusions here.


■■■■ it boys

Lions are going to lay the wood and win big

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Lions on a mission today. Leave no doubt boys!

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Detroit wins out. San Fran loses to Rams week 18. Detroit = #1 seed and a bye.

Philly vs GB
SF vs LA
Tampa vs Dallas


I hope Monty and Gibbs eat their Wheaties this morning…

I hope and expect to see the run early and often


When the Lions win, what Cowboy homer do you want to see cry?

Mine is Michael Irvin.


I don’t want to wait all damn day for this game.

I feel at least 3 big naps in my future to help pass the time.

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The last game in what might have been the greatest calendar year of Lions football ever.

This game is really exciting for me because it’s the biggest and most intriguing game IMO that we’ve played in a long time. However, if we lose it really doesn’t mean anything. We have total house money at our disposal.

Hopefully the turf that injured Devin Brown last night gets patched up before kickoff.

I definitely see multiple ways we win this game but I’m never going to expect us to go into AT&T Stadium and end a 15 game home winning streak.




Lions can tie the franchise record for wins today over 16 games.

They could break it next week vs. the Vikings, albeit with an extra game, and thus the dreaded asterisk.

Another mark is total points scored, current record is 474, also set in 1991 along with the 12 wins.

They are, to put it mildly, unlikely to touch that one in 16 games. They have 412 and so would have to drop 62 on Dallas today. Half the Dallas D would have to get knocked out for that to happen.

As much as I would love a Lions win, this has to be the most care-free feeling gameday I’ve ever experienced.
Not because I don’t think they have a shot, but this team has already exceeded my expectations and a loss today doesn’t set back my feelings on the organization moving forward.
It’s just gonna be a good day :+1:

(Lions take this one 37-27 :sunglasses:)


If you’re measuring by wins per 16 games, then the extra seasonal game doesn’t mean anything though. So no asterisk necessary.

Yeah, this is what I don’t like about adding games, it makes measuring records goofy. I’d be very happy with tying the record for wins over 16 games today. Break it next year.

Tidy whitey’s, eh?