🏈🏈🏈 Official Lions vs Tampa: Divisional Game Thread 🏈🏈🏈

**** Note - The game day threads are not a place to flame the board. If you’re in the thread solely to flame and stir the pot, you will find yourself on timeout throughout the remainder of the playoff games. These threads are for fans who genuinely want to discuss the games ****

In at the home show in Novi and the amount of Lions gear being worn here is insane. I haven’t seen this much Lions gear anywhere outside of Ford Field in my life.

Let the talk begin tomorrow morning.

Go Lions!


Set the timer for this topic to open tomorrow morning at 5. Might bump it open after the Packers game though.

This thread is now open, boys.


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Who’s going? I’m in section 131

Hey, did you guys know that the Lions have a chance to win up to 12 games at Ford Field in 2024? I bet that would be some kind of record.

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I’ll be there

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We plan on being there shortly after noon, no real plan after that, just taking it in, probably food and beer

FYI gates open at noon.


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Fun fact I heard earlier: When going against a motion sets / play, Bucs are 32nd in the league in terms of pass yardage allowed.

Lions run motion like 3 out of every 4 downs.

LFG Jared, light them up.


The Lions are going to take care of business tomorrow. I have no doubt.

It is officially game day! I mean, not like I am literally staring at the clock, counting down the minutes…


It’s okay. I’ve been thinking about just slamming 10 brews in a half hour, saying some dumb shit on here and then passing out til 1.


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I think I’ve built up enough good-will over the years where me going stupid drunk for one night would be easily forgiven… so don’t tempt me haha