***Official Playoff Game thread ***

Indy deserves to lose this game.

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Take the points.

A smarter coach is down 4 points right now. The Colts are down 8.

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If you’re referring to the INT in the endzone… it was… Marvin’s 3rd TD that was called back was exactly like that

Mahomes is the best QB in the league by far. I’m a big Allen fan but Mahomes is the gold standard of this league.

A smarter coach just tied the game right there.

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i jumped back on to respond to your very comment with that observation…im kinda surprised with his coaching decisions today.

Yep. Playoffs are about making the least amount of mistakes. 1 Missed FG. I failed 4th down conversion while in FG range. 1 failed 2-point conversion. They’ve left too many points on the field and the HC’s playcalling is responsible for 4 of them, though you could say he got one back on the last 2-point conversion.

Still, we’ve seen this before. A team cannot shoot itself in the foot like the Colts are in the playoffs. Not enough margin for error at this stage.

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Josh Allen was the 7th pick in his draft. :eyes:

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Huge stand by the Colts D there.

Hoping the Colts pull this out.

I am too, just a little irritated with them chasing points early.

That’s a fumble

yep. That’s game.

Damn, looks like a fumble… Oh well.

Game. You do not chase points.

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Why is this taking so long? It was a fumble. And brilliant timeout by McDermott.

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Horrible call, knee was up


Wow…bad call IMO