***** Official Seahawks vs Lions Game day thread ****

He isnt that good

Well, at least Darko, ooops, Jalen Carter I mean, looked DOMINANT Thursday night.

What hindisght? The defense got steamrolled all game. Playing for the FG was a mistake and I said that exact thing in the GDT so no hindsight here.

i want to stop playing against seattle

they beat our ass 3 years in arow

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Hey guess who we play next year??

■■■■ meee man

He was last year. and was today. Our defensive ineptitude aside, he looked like Aaron Rodgers out there. One bad pass, under pressure on what should have been a pick

He was dealing, avoiding the rush, throwing dimes. Anyone who just watched that game and comes away saying Geno isn’t that good, I question their eyes or their sanity. Or both

Of course it’s benefitted by hindsight. If we win the game you wouldn’t say a thing.

We had just stopped the Seahawks. I think Dan had far more confidence in the defense then you did.

Tip of the cap to the Seahawks. They wanted it more and they outplayed us.

For much of the game avoiding the rush didn’t seem difficult.

He has one of the quickest TIP in the league. He processes the offense quickly

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Well they deployed a helluva a lot of quick game today. It looked to me like AG didn’t have a ton of faith in our CBs to hold up in press. I’d have to go back and watch the whole thing but I can remember a few high leverage plays in which corners gave up serious cushion.

I said it was a mistake as it was happening live. There’s no hindsight.
I would have said that the Lions got away with one had they won.

Anyway, the Seahawks brought it and deserved the win so…on to the next one. 1-1 isn’t the end of the world.

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His wr we wide open all day.

We may talk, but, I won’t be watching. I’m not helping to pay NFL Refs.
I’m done with aggressive stupidity.
I’m done with the NFL in general.

I want them in the playoffs

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Would you have been right if they had won?

If that’s how you follow the team that’s fine. As I said earlier I think we all grossly underestimate the complexities of what is going on at field level.

If I had to guess it’s unlikely that Dan did anything more about the last drive passivity outside of:

1:) mandating the tempo be such as to make sure it’s the last possession (which I agree with)
2:) mandating that we absolutely do not turn the ball over (which I agree with)

From there I’d have to know more to feel comfortable complaining without feeling that I had missed the forrest for the trees.

1:) what were the route trees like
2:) what were the progressions
3:) where do we need to get to in order to feel like Patterson is damn near 100%.

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With lack of pass rush do you think we should have drafted parsons over sewell?

If we knew this was what he would be like, sure?

But I’m plenty happy with Penei.

Scary but sure. Why not.

Seattle is now 23-9 in the early time slot when they are in the 10AM Pacific time slot. Incredible performance when traveling across country.