***** Official Seahawks vs Lions Game day thread ****

I’m too but parsons looks like Lawrence Taylor. Parsons would have bigger impact but not with ag here. Ag is a bad coach

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My big concern is Charles Harris that can play 3 position and still look invisible at all 3, and Gibbs was a 12 over all gimmick pick. That is just a 3rd down back.

I wont lie

kinda feeling carhatic watching the giants get killed by josh dobbs rn

Looks like we passed on Arron Donald for Javid Best. At least it wasn’t a TE I guess

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you are joking —right ? , far worse things happened in that game besides the coin toss: The fumble , The drop by Gibby , how we got no pressure on Geno , 3 turnovers-by US , playcalling , The injuries -WE should -have went for A TD instead of trying to tie , especially with our O…but spilt milk man !

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I also want them in the playoffs
Then hit Geno late [like the did to Goff] and pretend he didnt see the play end

Seattle is a good team but
If Decker is heathy, the run game is just that much better and it opens up the pass game more
Jamo should be with the Lions and provides a deep threat

Season is still early
1 and 1 with this schedule is not bad

With all the injuries I thought they would gone for the win
Geno had the Lions number most of the game

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Not a chance! I’m going to ignore his top-5 ranking from 2022 - and the evidence of my own eyes today - and insist that he remains the mediocre QB he was 10 years ago.

You quit yer nonsense! Geno SUX!!!


Assumed the D wasnt shit.


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With our injuries it’s an Asterisk for Seattle.

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