Official Sheila please sell this team thread

Ford ownership has done nothing but taken fans money since owning the team. From my perspective, Sheila and the Fords selling this team is the only thing that would give me hope. 58 years of incompetent ownership. A team that won 3 championships in the 50s have won one playoff game since then. ONE!! I get that it’s easier to replace coaches and GMs and players, but after the same ownership does that for 58 years, I am left with only one conclusion. Selling this team is the only way to solve the losing.



I vote no, if they’re gonna move the team.
If they’re staying in Detroit, I’ll vote yes.
Also, Can the people that own the Steelers own 2 teams? :wink:

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Sell the team to China. Then we’ll have all these fat cats in our back pocket.

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Of course I realize there is no chance of selling this team. All they have to do is continue to fire someone and hire someone else and Lions fans will continue to think that it’s the right answer. And it won’t be because the Fords are the jinx. It ain’t Bobby Layne, it’s the Fords.


Sell the team Vladimir Putin. Losses will be met with visits from the FSB.

Me banging Marisa Tomei has a better shot.

Loved her.

The Fords don’t care! It’s the perception they do that get you every time. Honestly I’d rather have a expansion team

LOL - Your imagination always makes me laugh, bro. Fantastic.