Officiating going forward?

So with ALL the public scrutiny over our Monday night game, do you think the league, refs and officials will view our game with the vikings like they are under a microscope?

Or will nothing change at all?

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I’ll take B for $200 Alex.


lmao! Yea i kind of thought this too.

I think they are arrogant enough that nothing changes. I am proud of all the people coming out and speaking up about it. Not just the lions game but all the other games that have had really bad calls.

No. The national narrative is poor officiating overall in the NFL The majority of talking heads and fans in general don’t care that it was the Detroit Lions. In fact many frankly find it amusing because as far as they’re concerned the Lions are SUPPOSED TO BE bumbling losers anyway. If the reverse had occurred and the Packers had been jobbed the roar of the outrage would be deafening for days and days and days.


I don’t think anything changes at all. That wasn’t a big enough game to ensue change. If that was week 17 for the division title and the loser misses the playoffs because of it I certainly think it is ensue change.

This will be brought up when we play them in the WC game!!


I see the situation on Monday as being two separate issues:

1:) the NFL’s preference for brands. That’s never going to change. It just makes financial sense.

2:) the officiating has gone from problematic to completely incompetent. I’d like to think that part can change.

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Lets play a little game amd say the Lions make the playoffs as a WC team and have to go to Packerland for the game. What do you honestly think would happen if we drew the same ref assignment as the monday nighter?

Unless its a wider spread issue of a particular type of call or non-call, each crew kind of considers itself isolated from the other crews. So a new crew isn’t going to come into a Detroit game thinking “we have to make this up to them.” We got screwed in the Kansas City game on the 100 yard fumble return, but that was only because we were unlucky enough to get the exact same crew that screwed up a similar call the previous week.

We’ve got an off chance of having hands to the face called differently going forward. But that’s about it…a specific type of call. Hell, I’d even say they might NOT side with us, simply because the narrative will be that they were trying to make up some bad calls from the MNF game.

In the end what I can appreciate is that one or two calls didn’t sink us vs a good Packers team in Lambeau. It literally took every single call of a bad bunch of 6 or 7 calls to keep us from winning that game. So if we are outplaying our opponent to that degree and we “only” get 3 or 4 bad calls, we will still win.

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