Offseason free agents - Cap space

Looking at the upcoming class of free agents, are there any players that stand out that you think we MUST try to get? Seems kind of underwhelming to me, but there are a few skilled position players that would look nice in Honolulu Blue.

I thought I would look, since it seems we are hoarding money and didn’t want to use it this season. I figured there must be a few high end players that we were saving it for. Nothing stands out really.

I realize that we have our own players to re-sign if we wish, but most of them aren’t that great, so it’s not like they should be super expensive. Anyway, we have a lot of holes and only a few chances in the draft to address them. If we want to compete next year, we have to get creative with trades or free agency. Anything stand out to you?

OT, DT, RB I’m not an NFL GM, but that’s my biggest wish list.

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how about throwing in an ass wooping defensive end

Robert Quinn?

Is Conklin still good? Surprised that it looked like his 5th year option was declined.

It’s hard to say, some of these guys will be tagged.

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Yes, that’s #1 on my list. Not sure there will be any available thru FA, but I would trade Slay and our #1 to move up for Chase Young. I know that might sound crazy and opens up another hole, but I think it might be easier to replace Slay lower in the draft of thru FA or trade than it would be to obtain a high end, disruptive DE.

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I love that Idea - just want to see if what Hand and Bryant are first. I like Flowers more than most of you guys.

DE, CB, RB, RT and DT arears we need to upgrade. I would say LBs but better up makes them better.

I think we need DE, DT, LB, CB, S, OT, OG, RB, WR and back up QB. In other words, I think we’re set at C, TE, P and K.

Can’t argue with that list. And I agree. Unless there is a young Brian Urlacher out there, fix the D-Line and secondary first, then figure out LB. As much as we played QB and RB carousel this year, I’m surprised Quinn hasn’t picked up some LBs out of the dumpster and tried them out. I’ve seen nurses tackle their patients better than Davis. It won’t cost much to find someone better than Davis and Jones.

As soon as I saw that list the first thing I thought was “none of the position players are about to get overpaid quite as much as Clowney is about to be.”:upside_down_face:

Dante Fowler played a Devon Kennard type role for the Gators in college. He might be able to come here and fit well into this scheme. But at what cost?

I think we have more Talent here on defense that is what showing because our scheme is so f***** up. Kennard is going to get paid 7 million next year flowers is going to get paid a ton and we’ll still have snacks and hand and okwara and Davis and Jelani tavai and maybe we’ll see what Austin Bryant is about. Darius Slay will get paid 13 million next year and Coleman about 9 million. We could probably use a veteran safety an upgrade on Rashad Melvin, but for two million a year he’s really not that bad. The big need really is a devastating Rush defensive end, but I want no part of paying Clowney 20 million a year

On the other side of the ball will have 10 million dollars wrapped up in tight ends that we don’t throw to much oh, Marvin Jones is in his last year of his deal as is golladay and we have no running back to speak of, as even are Theo Riddick clone will be a free agent, as well Amendola. So the reload will need to be on the offensive side of the ball, especially because I need to re-sign Glasgow and get someone to play the other guard spot that doesn’t suck. This assumes we’re willing to pay Decker 10 million to play a pretty not so awesome left tackle

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The somewhat good news is that with 20 million of carryover they should have around 45 to 52 million in cap space, and believe me Quinn better use all of it because both he and Patricia may not be here after this coming season and he needs a big win on his resume or else the deck gets shuffled again

The Lions have got to know whether they can sign guys like Glasgow and A’Shawn or not. If not, then those 2 positions go right to the top of the list. Then there are others, like Amendola, Okwara, Wilson, Melvin, Ford, McKissic, Driskel, Daniels, Wiggins, Killebrew, Logan Thomas, Virgin, and Muhlbach. Many of these guys are close to the minimum and could be replaced without a significant hit to the cap. Some like Daniels will have to take a pretty big pay cut, or they may sign elsewhere and have to be replaced. Kevin Strong seemed to be doing a decent job as a backup DT before he got hurt.

Then there’s Decker and Wagner, do the Lions keep these guys and pay the $10 mil for Taylor and close to $12 mil for Wagner? Wagner is currently in the concussion protocol program; his dead money is $5.8 mil next year and $2.9 mil on 2021, that’s a lot of money to give away for nothing. If I’m the Lions, I do not sign a big money OT, I draft one early if a guy is there that’s worth it. Frankly, I do bot have a a lot of faith in Crosby; he’s okay I guess as a backup though.

How good is Austin Bryant going to be? Good enough? Who knows? I expect him to be activated by this weekend or the next, so maybe we’ll finally see him play. But what’s his ceiling, how good is he going to get next year and the year after? For sure the Lions have to get a better pass rush, but maybe they need an interior rusher more than a DE.

Is Slay going to be here next year? How good is Okuwariye going to be? Hard to say, the guy’s been hurt so much. I don’t know that you can get a CB as good, although Slay seems to be missing a few more games due to injury, and he can’t keep his mouth shut. Plus, I don’t know that he’s playing as good as he once did. Wouldn’t surprise me if they draft a CB next year. What was the name of that Bears CB that they cut and we signed, some years back? The guy did a pretty good job back there.

If it’s me, I keep McKissic and Driskel. I’d rather sign an FA RB than draft one, although I can see doing that later in the draft. I just think they have too many other needs. RBBC has to be the right approach, I don’t think you want to tie up a lot of cap space or a high draft pick in an RB that isn’t going to be your bell cow. And the jury is still out on Driskel, one game ain’t enough to be making any judgments. He’s got his faults, that’s why he ain’t a starting NFL QB but you are not going to get somebody that good in FA and probably not for at least 1 year or two if you draft a QB. IMHO, anther case of a day 3 pick if they go that way.

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i really do not watch college foot ball—but i went to utube and checked him out----love your choice—kid is a bear

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All we need is the #1 or #2 overall pick

Does look pretty underwhelming based on our needs. Would love me some Karl Joseph beside Walker. Lamar Miller and Jordan Howard are RB’s I like. Yannick Ngakoue or Dante Fowler may help our woeful pass rush. Chris Harris isn’t young, but I would add him and pay Slay. At 31-32 he probably won’t be insane money. Daryl Williams maybe for RT. Depends on what we see from Crosby, but IMHO Wagner and his contract is gone. A lot of guys get moved that aren’t UFA’s, so who knows what deals will be made. But I agree at first glance it doesn’t look like a barn burner and it isn’t like we won’t have competition for anyone decent. That’s why the draft is so important. You’ve got to get 3 starters and by and large, we’ve done that and more.

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Gotta look at the Wagner deal. I’m thinking he might be hard to cut $$.

Anyone think any of the NE free agents will help?

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It’s a business decision, but not cost prohibitive.

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Van Noy…lol!

Devin McCourty too.