Offseason plain

First Resign

WR DJ Chark
C/G Evan Brown
DE John Cominsky
SS Deshon Elliot
DT Isiah Buggs
RB Justin Jackson
CB/S Will Harris

Sign FAs:

DT Greg Gaines

Draft :

1st Rd - CB Devon Witherspoon

1st Rd - S/CB Brain Branch

2nd Rd - RB Zach Charbonnet

2nd Rd - OL Cody Mauch

3rd Rd - LB Noah Sewell

5th Rd - DT Donte Stills

6th Rd - WR Charlie Jones

6th Rd - K Harrison Mevis

Depth Chart

WR - Jameson Williams - Charlie Jones 6th
WR - DJ Chark RS - Josh Reynolds
SR - Amon-Ra St. Brown - Kalief Raymond
LT - Taylor Decker - Dan Skipper
LG - Jonah Jackson - Logan Stenberg
C - Frank Ragnow - Evan Brown RS
RG - Cody Mauch 2b - Tommy Kreamer
RT - Penni Sewell - Matt Nelson
TE - Brock Wright - Shane Zylstra
TE - James Mitchell
QB - Jared Goff - Nate Sudfield
RB - Zach Charbonnet 2 - D’Andre Swift
RB - Craig Reynolds - Justin Jackson RS
FB - Jason Cabinda

DE - John Cominsky RS - Josh Pashcal
NT - Alim McNeil - Isiah Buggs RS
DT - Greg Gaines FA - Donte Stills 5th
Edge - Aidan Hutchinson - Romeo Okwara
SLB - James Houston - Julian Okwara
ILB - Derrick Barnes - Noah Sewell 3rd
WLB - Malcom Rodriguez - Josh Woods RS
LCB - Devon Witherspoon 1b - Chase Lucas
RCB - Jeff Okaduh - Jerry Jacobs
NCB - Brain Branch 1st - Will Harris RS
FS - Kerby Joseph - Tracy Walker - CJ Moore
SS - Deshon Elliott RS - Ifeatu Melifonwu

IR - Levi Onwuzurike


close i would make few adjustments but most i can live with.

\i think Gaines is wrong one we have enough short heavy bodies
I like idea of Donte Stills nice but not Gaines

I would replace your draft with mine LOL


One glaring omission. No love for Jamaal.
Come on, man!
Who else on the team is directly responsible for 102 points?


I just think he will get paid this offseason. Charbonnet will be bigger stronger and fast version for less. Swift is still cheap. But if they do s resign him I’ll be ok with it.


Donte Stills in the 5th is my Houston, Rodrigo St.Brown pick.


I would be pretty much thrilled with this offseason. I’d probably go a different way than Sewell in the 3rd and of course I think you have Charbonnet a little high, but if those were my only gripes I’d call it a great offseason. I’d like to have Jamaal back too but I figure we’ll offer him a number and if someone offers him more, he might take it. That seems to be what you’ve predicted. Good stuff.


6 is still so hard for me. Nobody really excites me at that pick. Thanks, Baker.


I liked Campbell there too , but Sewell has his brother and I think he got bigger this year or something because he looked much better last year. So pick him because of his ties to the team and I think he has more up side then Campbell.

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Someone will separate themselves over the course of the process, they always do. I’m starting to zero in on Witherspoon and Gonzalez personally, but it could easily change through the process as well. I think Gonzalez has the higher ceiling but I have trouble envisioning a world where Witherspoon isn’t a success. If we go with the “just don’t draft a bust” approach he makes a lot of sense.


I’d take the swing on Christian. But I’m still not og the belief that he’s worth #6 in most drafts.

I agree with that, he was much better last year. But I’m still not sure he’s anything more than a 2-down LB. I’m not sure Campbell is either honestly but he’s got a better shot than Sewell I think. Some guys I really like a little later are SirVocea Dennis, Nick Herbig, Mikel Jones, and Anfernee Orji.

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A guy I really wanted to put up there was Lukas Van Ness he’s a DE but I like to add 10lbs and put him in that 3T spot , the guy can run over anyone they say. But if he could play that role I would move him into that 18 spot.

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Yeah, it’s a down year for that spot but it is what it is. There’s been other down years, hell 2013 the whole first round was less than ideal. Lane Johnson worked out but as prospects it was a bunch of meh even at the very top.

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He kinda of James Houston pass rusher. Type LB isn’t he

He is but he’ll be pretty much a pure LB in the pros, only weighs 228 pounds. So he’ll be an outside guy who can rush now and again.


So what about Van Ness ? You think he can play in side do you think he could be a factor to us ?

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Oh I really like him. Still trying to watch him on a play-by-play basis but he has some really high-level flashes, including those two against Paris Johnson and Peter Skoronski I posted in the Van Ness thread. Just bully-balled them. He’s so young I think he’ll naturally add another 10-15 pounds. It’s not hard to see a little JJ Watt in his game… but I want to make sure his play-to-play consistency is up to snuff.


He sure is climbing at this time, on them plays he looked like he was made for in the middle

I’d draft a tackle before I draft a guard. We had a good season of health with decker and Sewell. We’d have been in a world of hurt if one of them got injured. I don’t have any faith in skipper or Nelson to hold up. I’d restructure big v’s contract. If he and kraemer are healthy we’re ok at guard.


Oh I agree that we need a tackle this offseason, I’ve been saying that for awhile now. But one of the things I like about drafting Mauch is he is a tackle, but he should also be an awesome guard. So he could not only work as our starter at RG, but our swing/backup tackle as well.